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Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield

Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield® serves the central Pennsylvania region with group and individual health insurance, as well as Medicare plans. Administered by Highmark Inc., which is headquartered in Pittsburgh, these health plans connect members to the broad coverage of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association through one of their independent licensees. Highmark provides services to 34.4 million members nationwide with dental, vision, and medical coverage, as well as integrated care delivery and information technology. Offering health plans in Pennsylvania, Delaware, and West Virginia, Highmark insures 4.9 million people.

As the fourth-largest Blue Cross Blue Shield company in the nation, Highmark is a large company and trusted insurer. Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield individual plans in Pennsylvania in and around the Pittsburgh area. Their individual plans come in various types, whether you need a low cost plan or want the most benefit-rich coverage possible. Highmark BCBS also provides guaranteed issue and HIPAA-eligible coverage, as BCBS companies are the state’s insurer of last resort, and also administer the Health Coverage Tax Credit (HCTC) program.


Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield


Highmark BCBS Plans in Pennsylvania


Community Blue

With a very low premium, these plans include $20 copays on primary care office visits and $30 copays on specialist visits. Once you’ve met the deductible, these traditionally designed plans cover 80 percent of your major medical services, including emergency care, maternity, and hospitalization. An annual eye exam is also covered in full by your plan, and urgent care and retail clinic visits are also included for a flat rate.


Advance Blue

Covering 90 percent of most hospital services after deductible, members of these plans have access to office visits, urgent care, convenient care clinics, prescriptions and more for a copay. This instant coverage is very easy to use, as you have a set of rates already established for many common types of care. Non-network coverage is also covered at 70 percent, and a vast number of services are covered with coinsurance. More upfront benefits means a higher premium, but also means more peace of mind.


PPO Blue

These plans provide the high deductible approach, with all of your care covered for a low monthly premium. After you meet the deductible, every covered service costs you 10 percent coinsurance, from physician care to emergency room visits. Preventive care is available at no cost to you with in-network providers, and out-of-network benefits are covered as well.


Direct Blue

A copay plan with a great combination of coverage, prevention, low deductibles and reduced out-of-pocket expenses, you get more out of your plan when you need it. These plans provide comprehensive benefits with free preventive care, and many services for a copay so you don’t have to worry about what you’ll end up paying for care. Select from a variety of cost combinations to fit your budget.


Simply Blue

For those who want coverage but do not plan to need many services, Simply Blue plans offer low premiums, a variety of deductibles, and minimal coverage on preventive care and hospital services. Referred to as a catastrophic plan, these are often not the best option for everyone as it is difficult to predict getting sick or injured, and you pay out of pocket for most services until the deductible is met.


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