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Covering the entire state of Pennsylvania, in every county, HealthAmericaOne is the individual and family plan from Coventry Health Care providing great value and service. HealthAmerica offers health insurance plans to nearly every market, including employers, individuals, seniors, and Medicaid members throughout Pennsylvania. Coventry has grown immensely since its beginnings in 1986, and emerging as publicly traded company in 1991. To broaden their membership, understand their member’s needs, and gain trust, Coventry purchased local insurers throughout the country over time. Currently, their national network includes more than 580,000 providers, 4,700 hospitals, and 64,000 retail pharmacies.

Coventry Health Care has a local branch in nearly every state or region of operation. HealthAmerica is their Pennsylvania and Ohio location. By setting up shop regionally, they can build products around the people they serve, which has worked successfully. Each state offering HealthAmericaOne or Coventry One plans has a completely different set of products, which is unlike most other national insurers. Individual coverage is available in 25 states, and other Coventry products can be found in all 50 states.

Coventry was purchased by Aetna in 2012, and in 2013 all Coventry and HealthAmerica members will be insured by Aetna.



HealthAmericaOne Plans in Pennsylvania


Copay Plans

With affordable premiums compared to an HMO, these plans offer the most benefits you’ll find in Pennsylvania without sacrificing your freedom to choose a provider. Though these plans are connected to a PPO network, members get a multitude of first-dollar benefits including office visits, generic drugs, emergency care, and more. Even more comparable to an HMO, two of these plans are offered with no deductible. Maternity benefits are also covered by Copay plans for those who are looking to start a family.

HealthAmerica PA Copay 100% $0 $20 $40

HealthAmerica PA Copay 100% $0 $25 $50

HealthAmerica PA Copay 100% $1200

HealthAmerica PA Copay 90$ $2000

HealthAmerica PA Copay 80% $500


Choice1 Plans

For those who still want great protection at a lower price than the comprehensive Copay plan, Choice1 plans cover office visits and prescriptions for a copay, as well as other benefits. Premiums will be considerably less in cost, while your cost sharing will be higher. Select the combination of benefits and cost levels to meet your needs, and gain access to a large network with high quality providers. Choice1 plans include maternity care, as well.

HealthAmerica PA Choice1 $1250

HealthAmerica PA Choice1 $2000

HealthAmerica PA Choice1 $4000



Whether you’re interested in paying the lowest premium possible, or starting a tax-advantaged fund for healthcare, these plans offer both qualities. QHDHP plans are high deductible plans with a low rate and high out of pocket costs. Preventive care is covered in full, in addition to health and wellness resources while you reach your deductible. Money from your HSA can pay for qualified medical services including all covered in- and out-of-network care.

HealthAmerica PA QHDHP 100% $1250

HealthAmerica PA QHDHP 100% $2500

HealthAmerica PA QHDHP 100% $3750

HealthAmerica PA QHDHP 90% $1500

HealthAmerica PA QHDHP 90% $3000


Rewards Plans

If you want a low premium, high deductible plan without an HSA, Rewards plans provide access to the HealthAmerica network for discounted rates, and incentives for healthy living. Members can seek preventive care at any time, and online wellness activities are abundant through the HealthAmerica member portal. Stay healthy and covered for a low cost, but know you pay entirely out of pocket until the deductible is met.

HealthAmerica PA Rewards $1750

HealthAmerica PA Rewards $2500

HealthAmerica PA Rewards $5000


See how HealthAmericaOne compares to the other health plans in your area with a free, instant quote. Discuss your options with a licensed agent over the phone at 888 803 5917.