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Pennsylvania has a variety of reputable health insurance companies, including regional and national carriers who are highly esteemed by both industry and member voices. Nationwide carriers include Aetna Health, who is based in Pennsylvania, UnitedHealthOne, and Coventry’s HealthAmerica. Blue Cross organizations vary by region, with three different companies throughout the state including Independence Blue Cross, Capital Blue Cross, and Blue Cross of Northeastern Pennsylvania. Another regional carrier specific to the state is Geisinger Choice, who actually beat all of the competition in member satisfaction according to this year’s U.S. Member Health Plan Study by J.D. Power and Associates.

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Health Insurance in Pennsylvania


The third largest insurer in the nation, and certainly one of the oldest, Aetna has over 160 years of experience and sells PPO plans to individuals and families in Pennsylvania. Aetna’s network consists of more than 587,000 doctors and healthcare professionals, and 5,400 hospitals nationwide. If you have any sort of medical history to worry about, Aetna may be the right choice due to their lenient underwriting.


Blue Cross of Northeastern Pennsylvania

Blue Cross of Northeastern Pennsylvania offers coverage alone and through its subsidiaries First Priority Life Insurance Company and First Priority Health to more than 600,000 members. Available in 13 counties throughout northeastern and north central Pennsylvania, families and singles can get the coverage they need including wellness programs.


Capital Blue Cross

Based in Harrisburg, Capital Blue Cross offers a variety of PPO products to employer groups, individuals and families, and Medicare beneficiaries. As part of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association, members have access to the nation’s largest provider network, and worldwide coverage in more than 100 countries. Serving central Pennsylvania and the Lehigh Valley, Capital Blue Cross is a trusted name for over 70 years.


Geisinger Choice

Geisinger Choice apparently has the most satisfied commercial policyholders in the entire state of Pennsylvania, and is one of the top ten health plans in the nation, which is quite an accomplishment. They offer plans in 43 counties throughout central and northeastern PA, and have been selling plans since 1985. Headquartered in Danville, Geisinger Choice is focused on providing great quality at a low cost.


HealthAmerica is a division of Coventry Health Care, operating in every single county in Pennsylvania selling group, individual, senior, and public health benefits. Coventry has long been one of our top recommendations, and they are soon going under the wing of Aetna. They offer affordable and strong PPO health insurance plans, pricing fairly for many different residents.


Independence Blue Cross

Independence Blue Cross is the Philadelphia and southeastern Pennsylvania area’s Blue plan. Like the others, Independence has been in business for over 70 years and providing great products to a broad cross section of residents. For individuals and families, this nonprofit company offers PPO coverage in five counties and has sold plans to over 25 million people.


Available in nearly every state, UnitedHealthOne is connected to the UnitedHealthcare family of companies, providing individual coverage through Golden Rule. They offer sufficient coverage with comprehensive, high deductible, and HSA options, though they may not be as phenomenal as your selection of regional carriers. If you are in an area where United is priced well, however, they are still worth a look.