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Located in southeastern Pennsylvania, Reading is the fifth most populous city in the state and famous for its abundance of local pretzel bakeries, hence one unofficial nickname, “The Pretzel City.” Rich in history like the rest of the state, Reading’s roots date back to 1743 and the city’s architecture is proof, especially in the Center Park Victorian Historic District. A major attraction in Reading is the VF Outlet Village, which emerged from renovating former textile mills in the 1970s as the nation’s first outlet mall. The city also has numerous cultural sites including the Reading Public Museum, which houses several collections of artifacts, the Sovereign Performing Arts Center, and the Art and Antiques Fair.

Mount Penn is a noteworthy mountain peak in the Berks County area, topped with a pagoda which displays artwork. The Blue Mountains provide a hilly, scenic backdrop for the residents of Reading, also providing access to many local parks. In addition to Reading’s culture, nature, and historic charm, the city has six institutions of higher learning, including Albright College and Pace Institute. The Reading Railroad was a major component of the city’s economy in the industrial era. Though the 1883 train track is now out of operation, it lives on through the board game, Monopoly.

Individual health insurance in Reading is comprised of very affordable policies from Capital Blue Cross, Geisinger Choice, UnitedHealthOne, Aetna, and HealthAmerica. These health plans each offer a different, yet competitive, set of benefits and coverage, which narrows down your selection a bit. When choosing a plan, you have a few basic elements to consider: premium cost, deductible, coverage, and services. In addition, you can keep in mind a company’s customer service rating, reputation, and provider networks. Or, you can simply choose the plan with the most benefits for the lowest premium, which will vary based on your demographic.

Below, we provide an example of one resident and how they can find the most affordable plan on the Reading market. To discuss your own options with an agent who knows the offerings of your local carriers well, call 888 803 5917.

Reading Pennsylvania Health Insurance

Sample Reading Health Insurance Quote

In order to demonstrate one way to find a great health plan in Reading, we ran a quote for a 32-year-old male resident. Looking for a $2500 deductible, copays for services such as office visits and prescriptions, and 20 percent coinsurance, we found Geisinger Choice offers the best price at $90 per month. This plan covers unlimited primary care visits for $20 as well as the rare inclusion of dental and vision coverage. Prescriptions are not covered, but you may purchase an inexpensive pharmacy rider, if needed.

The market is competitive, especially for this demographic, so most every plan is in the same price range. Capital Blue Cross offers a $2500 plan for $97 per month with 15 percent coinsurance, which would be a great reason to choose this plan. However, HealthAmerica covers 100 percent after deductible for $117 per month, and their plan includes dental and maternity. Depending on how benefit-rich you want your plan to be, there are several great options in Reading. The HealthAmerica plan is especially comprehensive, as it also lets you pay $200 for emergency room visits, and small copays for all tiers of prescription drugs.

Aetna’s plan is also very good, receiving positive ratings for provider selection and customer service from Pennsylvania plan members. This plan also includes vision coverage, and reasonable copayments for office visits, medications, and emergency care. With a $2,500 out-of-pocket limit, it may not be too long before your plan pays 100 percent for all in-network care.

In this case, the most affordable plan is Geisinger Choice, especially if you do not need prescription coverage. At the same time, health insurance is for the unexpected, so when can you predict your need for prescriptions? To be entirely safe, Capital Blue or Geisinger with a drug rider would be the best options for savings.

To view the full selection of Reading health plans and prices relevant to you and your family, get a free, instant health insurance quote.





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