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Pittsburgh Health Insurance

One of the 25 largest urban areas in the US, Pittsburgh has plenty of residents in need of health insurance. Pittsburgh has always had a booming economy, whether from the days of steel production or the current sports franchises and major corporate headquarters. However, like the rest of the country, many Pittsburgh residents are uninsured. There is a great need for health insurance among Pennsylvanians, and the best place to start is by getting an individual health quote. Pittsburgh health insurance tends to be rather affordable compared to most of the country, which is all the more reason to consider getting covered.

Pittsburgh is served by a small handful of carriers, though this conveniently narrows down your options to Aetna, Health America (a Coventry company), Celtic, and United Healthcare. These individual and family plans offer a great deal of security and enable members to receive access to a myriad of health care services. Pittsburgh residents can choose between POS and PPO, which are fairly similar with the exception that POS plans require designation of a primary care provider and referrals. Both give you the ability to use any Pittsburgh doctor or facility you choose and still remain covered. Aetna even offers an HMO plans for those who like to stay strictly in-network.



Sample Pittsburgh Health Insurance Quote

For a better understanding of Pittsburgh individual health plans, we ran a sample quote and provided some snapshots of the current state of the market for a 32-year-old male and female. In Pennsylvania, men are still charged less than women for health insurance, though in comparison to many other states, coverage remains affordable. Unfortunately for women, it is a bit less affordable. With a slim selection of high quality plans, it is easy to decide the best deal, which is provided by Health America One. Their Choice1 $2000 deductible plan is offered at $85 per month for men and $139 for women. With $15 unlimited office visits and no coinsurance after deductible, a Pittsburgh resident can’t go wrong.

The next most cost-effective plan in Pittsburgh is from Aetna, with a $2500 deductible PPO at $114 per month for men and $174 per month for women. Though they also offer a PPO value plan with upfront benefits, this option is far superior with no cap on doctor’s office visits. If for some reason the Health America One plan is not your favorite, the Aetna PPO is an ample runner-up. This plan has an AM Best rating of A, a decent level of customer satisfaction, and covers vision care on top of prescriptions. The Health America Choice1 plan has it beat by a few benefits with maternity and dental coverage, therefore it is up to your personal needs and health care priorities as to which plan is best for you.

The remaining plans are overpriced compared to the first two, and if you had to choose, UnitedHealthOne is definitely a plus over Celtic any day, as the Celtic plans are very limited, and far too expensive in Pittsburgh. UnitedHealthOne will be a good, dependable plan, but you may not get the benefits the first two carriers are offering. Selecting a plan is very much based on individual preference and what the quote engine throws your way based on age, health, and other factors. Each Pittsburgh resident, mostly depending on age and gender, will see different rates on a quote. It is important to get a quote for yourself in order to receive an accurate price, as clearly not everyone in your city is in their thirties. Call us at 888 234 9964 for any additional information you may need.


Pittsburgh Male Quote


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