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Philadelphia Health Insurance

Philadelphia is one of the larger health insurance markets in the country, and as such East Coast Health Insurance was careful to review all the different health insurance plans available in the city and get licensed with all reputable Philadelphia health insurance companies.

In other words, if it is a good company, you can find it in our Philadelphia health insurance quote database and even apply for it online all by yourself without fear of getting contacted by a half a dozen health insurance brokers.  So, get a Philadelphia health insurance quote now!


Philadelphia Health Insurance


The Philadelphia Health Insurance Market and Philadelphia Health Insurance Companies Overview

Of all the health insurance companies available in Philadelphia, East Coast Health Insurance has carefully chosen four companies that are trusted and dependable. Aetna, United Health One, Independence Blue Cross Blue Shield, and HealthAmericaOne, owned by Coventry.


Aetna in Philadelphia

Aetna offers both a PPO and HMO plan in Philadelphia, and Aetna is easily the most dependable and trusted company nationwide.  They never rescinded a policy on us before rescissions were outlawed (I can’t the say the same for any other company) and they accept people that are not in perfect health.

Additionally, Aetna underwrites the AARP health plans in Philadelphia available to people over 55 and these AARP plans are usually by far the top choice for anyone over 55.


United Health One in Philadelphia

United Health One offers nearly the same plan in Philadelphia that they do in every other state, and though their plan lacks any bells or whistles, it is one of the most affordable plans in Philadelphia in many age demographics.

Additionally, their prescription plan is top notch on their copay select plans.  If you are over 55, however, AARP by Aetna is usually a better choice.


Independence Blue Cross Blue Shield of Philadelphia

Independence Blue Cross

Philadelphia is very lucky! They have their own Blue Cross Blue Shield franchise. For 70 years, Independence Blue Cross has offered quality health care products and services designed to help keep members well. Today, Independence is the leading health insurer in Southeastern Pennsylvania with a total membership of 3.1 million.

In the individual market, Independence Blue Cross offers outstanding HMO plans which are very benefit rich and offer copayments for nearly everything before the deductible.  So, if you are someone who likes to do diagnostic testing or frequently go to the emergency room this plan is for you.  It is also extremely affordable.


HealthAmericaOne by Coventry in Philadelphia

I am a huge Coventry fan. Their PPO plan in most states does have all the bells and whistles that I look for when shopping health insurance.  They are also very affordable in many demographics.  However, Philadelphia is seemingly not one of them.  Of course be sure to run your own HealthAmericaOne quote to be sure as there are certain demographics where they will perform well.

And if you are an HSA fan, then they will be a good choice or consideration, as their plans seem to be designed for people that like higher deductibles, which is where they are competitive with the other companies.



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