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Lancaster Health Insurance

Whether you’re enjoying the locally grown Amish foods or the historic cityscape, Lancaster offers a unique lifestyle for college students, long-term residents, and visitors. The horse-and-buggy culture shock brings many to the area, but you can also get a great cup of coffee or see a local band play from a renovated factory down the cobblestone street. The mix of residents makes Lancaster a fun, yet quaint town, with several large colleges contrasting with the Pennsylvania Dutch Country next door. Lancaster is known for its variety of architecture, great food, antiques, and celebration of the town’s history and the Amish (they even have a theme park called Dutch Wonderland).

Lancaster’s individual health insurance market is host to Capital Blue Cross, Geisinger Health Plan, HealthAmerica/Coventry, Aetna, and UnitedHealthcare. Residents can choose from a cost-saving HMO network with the benefit of copays to cover an enormous number of services (well, more than PPOs), and PPOs with enough variety to work in the favor of most any budget. Plans are typically less expensive than in most areas of the state and the country, actually. Lancaster is a great place to buy coverage because when you’re away from the city, rates usually tend to get better. For those who don’t mind using one network and a PCP, Aetna offers HMOs in the area, and top-rated plans like Geisinger and Capital Blue Cross offer great value on PPOs.



Lancaster Sample Health Insurance Quote

In this example, we have a 26-year-old male resident of Lancaster who needs a comprehensive health plan with copays for office visits and prescriptions, and prefers a $2500 deductible plan with 20 percent coinsurance. Basically, we’re trying to find the most benefits for the lowest premium, which is provided by Geisinger Choice at $62 per month. If only we could all get health plans for this price. Geisinger’s MyChoice Essential (as with all plans from this carrier) does not come with prescription coverage included, but it is optional and inexpensive to add. Emergency room visits are also covered for $150, dental and vision are also included upfront along with several other benefits.

Not many plans are alike in the Lancaster market, though there are a few comparable ones. Lancaster is full of value plans, which can be great, but make sure you’re getting all you need for the price. The next best premium comes from Aetna’s PPO, which offers traditional coverage for $94 per month. Unlimited office visits, generic prescriptions, and emergency care are covered for a copay, and a $500 pharmacy deductible gives you further access. Prenatal care is not covered, so this is not the plan for women who plan on pregnancy.

Capital Blue Cross offers a non-traditional plan in this range, with 15 percent coinsurance and an $1100 deductible. For $108 per month, this plan covers emergency care for a $100 copay, yet all prescriptions require a deductible, even generics. Though your coinsurance and deductible are less, if you need instant coverage for prescriptions, Geisinger may be a better plan.

If you feel comfortable with an HMO, Aetna offers one with a $1500 deductible for $122 per month, with prescriptions, maternity, and vision coverage included. These plans offer the most coverage, other than Geisinger Choice, but the coinsurance is still higher – so Geisinger wins.

Find out how much plans will cost for you in Lancaster by getting your own health insurance quote. Call a licensed agent to discuss your options at 888 803 5917.






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