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Erie Health Insurance

Located in close proximity to several large cities, Erie receives traffic for its various industries and attractions. It is a lively community, with ongoing festivals and events supporting the arts and displaying its city pride. Settled on the banks of Lake Erie, the city also gives its nature loving residents a sufficient amount to do, between beaches, cross country skiing, and hiking at the renowned Presque Isle State Park. Erie has held onto a few architectural relics from the 19th century industrial days, and brings tourists to the area for its sporting and cultural events, as well as for gambling and horse racing. The city provides many points of interest as well as serving as a comfortable place to call home with a sound economy and small city environment.

The health insurance market in Erie is quaint, offering only four different insurance companies to choose from. As other cities can get overwhelming with 100+ plans, Erie has it easy, with only 56 plans from Health American, Celtic, United, and Aetna to mull over. True, 56 still sounds potentially complex when you must narrow down to one, but once you factor in your needs, your price range, and the options presented to you that fall in a reasonable range, the selection will slim down quickly. Most of these plans are fairly similar, and if you know what to look for in terms of benefits, choosing an Erie plan will be simple. If you are unsure what qualities you should want in a health plan, call one of our Pennsylvania health insurance experts at 888 803 5917.



Sample Erie Health Insurance Quote

Upon running a health insurance quote for a 30-year-old, nonsmoking female resident of Erie, we found basic plans with a $2500 deductible start as low as $116 per month. For our research, we selected the most benefit-rich plan from all four insurers to compare who offers the best price on the greatest source of coverage. This includes not placing a limit on office visits, having access to benefits before reaching your deductible, and a low level of coinsurance after it has been met. The closest plan we find to this specification comes from Health America One for $140 per month, covering maternity, dental, and prescriptions and 100 percent coverage after deductible.

The next best option is Aetna’s traditional PPO, with upfront office visits and generics. As the annual out-of-pocket limit is $5000, you have plenty of room to use the healthcare system without running out of coverage. Aetna also offers an HMO plan for $285 per month, though the coverage is only 70 percent after deductible. UnitedHealthOne is a decent option if the previous two plans are unsatisfactory, though at a drastic price increase to $224. The United plan offers a usual set of benefits with nothing special like vision or dental, which makes it easier to lean towards Health America or Aetna.

If this dose of clarity has not yet inspired you to find out your own health insurance rates in Erie, you still have time to change your mind and fill out a quick quote. We hope you have found this example motivating and simplifying of the health insurance buying process, as it can be daunting to begin. Know that each individual will have different rates, as well as different wants out of a health plan, and these are only our suggestions for a specific scenario. Explore the world of HSAs, PPOs, and HMOs in your own Erie quote now!





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