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Allentown Health Insurance

Living in Allentown, Pennsylvania, one gets an ideal cross between the city life, nature, and local culture. With its own economy of various industries and a continually growing population, many residents surely enjoy the close proximity of the Pocono Mountains, and the city of Philadelphia for a diverse range of activities.

Allentown is located near a some of the state’s finest parks, and also hosts a number of community events and festivals drawing in crowds from throughout the region. Though a small city, it is the third largest in the state, and offers its own sources of industry, education, and entertainment.

If the commerce, convenience, and charm of Allentown was not enough for a resident to stay put for a while, the health insurance market should be a grounding factor. Basic PPO plans in the $2500 deductible range are available from $64 per month for a healthy, young male applicant, and less basic plans can be purchased from $80 per month.

An assorted platter of health insurance companies are represented in Allentown, both regional and national. Nationwide insurers such as Aetna, United, and Celtic offer several health plans, and regional companies Geisinger Choice, Capital Blue Cross, and HealthAmerica also serve the city with coverage. In order to find out which of these options provides the best rates on a benefit-rich plan, we did a bit of research and ran a sample quote.



Sample Allentown Health Insurance Quote

For a 30-year-old male resident of Allentown, health insurance is extremely affordable. After running a quote in search of the most budget-friendly, benefit rich plans available, we found the best plan came from Capital Blue Cross for $81 per month. The Personal Blue excludes prescription coverage (discount card option), but once your deductible is met, you receive 85 percent coverage on major medical costs.

After the Personal Blue, regional carrier Geisinger Choice offers a plan for $89 per month, without prescription coverage, though it does include dental and vision benefits. The lowest priced plan that does include pharmacy coverage comes from Aetna, and also covers vision care for a $110 premium. This rate is still incredibly low compared to the remainder of the country, and this plan has received a very good industry rating, as well as sufficient consumer feedback.

The next two plans are also worth considering, though their prices are higher. Health America One is a Coventry company, and therefore offers a great, dependable plan. Therefore, if for some reason the lower priced plans are unavailable, there are still quality options in within reach. This particular applicant has multiple low cost  options, though we would suggest Aetna’s PPO for the greatest amount of coverage possible.

To find out how little you can pay for coverage in Allentown, fill out a quote, or call one of our licensed agents and Pennsylvania health insurance experts at 888 803 5917.





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