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In Pennsylvania there are only four major cities that I have to write about in our major cities and regions section on Pennsylvania health insurance.  Because besides the four main Pennsylvania cities every other city has less than  100,000 residents.  Though in Amish County, those are some hard working residents.  I make that reference as we just “vacationed” there with my  family.

Philadelphia is the main health insurance region in Pennsylvania and has its own Blue Cross Blue Shield to cater to the 1.5 million residents of the crazy sports town.  Because Philadelphia has been acutely hit during this prolonged “recession” I will make sure to give quite a few choices in our Philadelphia health insurance section.

Pittsburgh which has been in financial decline for over a decade now and has lost many of its residents and now measures in with just over 300,000 people.  To give you a frame of reference, the Chicago health insurance market has over 7 million!

Finally there is the famous Allentown and Erie, PA which both have just over 100,000 Pennsylvania residents each.

This is just our index page so please get a Pennsylvania health insurance quote to see the plans available in your area or visit your Pennsylvania city page for more information about the plans available in your city.