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Public Assistance

Oklahoma is no stranger to poverty, like the rest of our country, and therefore it is necessary to give everyone an equal chance to access health care. If you have very low income, you may be able to qualify for one of the Medicaid programs in the state for free health insurance. There are other ways to be eligible, but if you receive SSI, you would already be enrolled and have no need to research the program. Even with the vast quantity of information on the internet, it still can be difficult to find the most up-to-date information regarding eligibility for these programs, which changes every year. Allow this section to be a resource for the most accurate information possible and help for those in need.

Everyone deserves to have their health in tact, and several public programs are available for individuals who cannot afford to buy health insurance. Medical services are offered through health clinics throughout the state, many of which are free or work on a sliding scale to provide reasonably priced preventive, diagnostic, and primary care services. Other Oklahomans may not necessarily struggle with income, but perhaps due to a condition or decline from an insurer, it is increasingly difficult to find a health plan for a decent price. Even those who have been accepted may be rated up so much they cannot afford to pay their premiums. In this case, the Oklahoma Health Insurance High Risk Pool and PCIP are available for coverage.

Find out more about the alternatives to traditional health insurance through government assistance, nonprofit organizations, and high risk pools in this section. Health care may be free or significantly less than you were quoted by a private insurer by going this route. Find out if you qualify for any of these programs providing a source of care or coverage.