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Humana – Oklahoma

Humana Inc. is one of the main health insurance companies in Oklahoma, and throughout the nation. Started first as a nursing home developer in the 1960s, then turned hospital management chain in the 1970s, Humana began to sell health insurance plans in the early 1980s, and has grown to become a leading source of coverage. Humana One is the individual and family product from Humana, offering coverage in 30 states. Other areas of Humana insurance coverage include employer-sponsored plans, Medicare, and military and veteran plans.

Humana One plans offer Preferred Provider Organization coverage, giving members the ability to use contracted network providers for a lower rate, or go outside of the network to use another provider. Members have access to additional discounts on vision services, over-the-counter medications, massage therapy, and other services. Humana One in Oklahoma offers a wide scope of benefits with their coverage, whether they choose a high-deductible plan or comprehensive coverage. With millions of members and a large network, Humana One offers yet another great PPO plan in Oklahoma.




Humana One Plans in Oklahoma


Copay Plans

The best possible set of benefits you can find from Humana One is in their copayment plans. These are comprehensive health plans with benefits you don’t have to wait for in order to receive a discounted rate. With copays for physician services, you have the ability to choose an unlimited or select number of office visits based on the premium you wish to pay. Prescriptions and urgent care are also covered immediately for a copay, and preventive care is included at no cost. Remaining services are offered for 20 percent coinsurance after deductible.

Humana Oklahoma Portrait Share 80 Plus Rx Benefits

Humana Oklahoma Autograph Share 80 Plus Rx Benefits


100% After Deductible Plans

Those who want to pay a low monthly premium and be responsible for paying all services out-of-pocket until you meet the deductible will find these plans beneficial. There are options designed for value as well as those for pairing with a health savings account. Each of these plans covers preventive care at no cost before you reach the deductible, and remaining services are included in the deductible. After your deductible is met, however, receiving care is easy as you have no extra fees to pay.

Humana Oklahoma Monogram Total Plus Rx Benefits

Humana Oklahoma Autograph Total Plus Rx HSA Benefits

Humana Oklahoma Autograph Total HSA Benefits



To find out how much these plans cost for you, get a personalized health insurance quote, or call a licensed agent at 888 803 5917.