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One of the nation’s most respected health insurers, the mission of Coventry Health Care is to deliver a high quality product, which is easy to use and understand. With a national provider network of more than 580,000 physicians and specialists, 4,700 hospitals, and 64,000 retail pharmacies, Coventry offers broad access to care locally and nationally. The company was started in 1986 as Coventry Corporation, and became public in 1991. Since then, they have expanded their market by buying one company each year in a different area to add to their network and membership. Successfully, Coventry has become an established carrier by their stock performance and emphasis on keeping costs low and quality high.

Coventry One is the personal health insurance plan offered by Coventry Health Care, available in 25 states including Oklahoma. Their selection of PPO plans are underwritten by Coventry Health and Life Insurance Company, and administered by Coventry Health Care of Kansas. Coventry One plans are offered in every county in Oklahoma, with many ways to make your coverage more affordable or more comprehensive, without compromising the benefits you need most.



Coventry One Plans in Oklahoma

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PPO Plans

Comprehensive coverage in a traditional PPO is offered through upfront benefits including doctor’s office visits (limited or unlimited), generic prescriptions, and urgent care for a copay. Emergency care is offered for a low copay and coinsurance, and remaining services such as hospital care are covered at 80 percent or 50 percent after deductible. Though the premium is higher, your medical costs are significantly less than other plan types. With many deductibles to choose from, these are a great way to ensure you are protected for all types of medical needs.


GO PPO Plans

These plans are one of the best options from Coventry One, as they save you extra money by only covering generic prescriptions instead of the full range. For a lower premium, these plans include all the benefits of a comprehensive plan with copays – even unlimited physician office visits. These plans cover urgent care and preventive services before your deductible, as well. Once your deductible is met, your plan will cover 80 or 100 percent of your hospital expenses.



Giving you access to many services, you are responsible for the cost sharing by accepting Coventry One’s lowest monthly premiums. These plans can be used with or without a health savings account to pay for services. When your deductible has been reached, your plan will covered every service available in full, which is a wide range of physician, pharmacy, and hospital services. HSAs offer a way to pay for medical expenses tax free, and a portable account separate from your plan.


Curious about Coventry One in Oklahoma? View your rates and plan options alongside other companies in your area by getting a free health insurance quote. Contact a licensed agent for more information on these plans or a personal consultation at 888 803 5917.