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Celtic Group, Inc. was founded in Chicago in 1978 as a holding company, adding health and life insurance to the business and becoming a brokerage. Within two years, the company purchased a national health insurance company, allowing Celtic to offer health plans in almost every state. The company they acquired had been in operation since 1949, and gave Celtic immediately wider access to the private market. Celtic Insurance Company has specialized in individual and family plans for more than a quarter-century, now a subsidiary of Centene Corporation, who bought Celtic four years ago.

Celtic offers several health plans in Oklahoma, each contracted with Preferred Provider Organizations to give flexible access to affordable care. If you are a member of a Celtic doctor and hospital PPO plan in Oklahoma, you can use the GWH-Cigna network for prenegotiated, contracted rates on physician and hospital care. Plans vary in cost based on the member, and are available with copays, prescription coverage, various deductibles, and certain plans have the capability of pairing with an HSA.



Celtic Individual Plans in Oklahoma


Celtic Basic

The budget-friendly option for those who prefer upfront benefits paired with a low monthly premium, these plans offer a coverage on two office visits for $30 with a primary care physician or specialist. In addition, you also receive coverage on generic prescriptions before your deductible is met, and your choice of coinsurance after. Your plan will cover 70 or 80 percent of your physician and hospital services once your deductible is met, and with many cost levels to choose from, you can modify your plan to suit your needs.

Celtic Oklahoma Celtic Basic Brochure


CeltiCare Preferred Select

Celtic’s most comprehensive plan offers either 80/20 coinsurance, or 100 percent coverage after deductible. The copayment for your first two physician office visits are $15, and additional visits are covered by coinsurance. The Preferred Select plan includes coverage for generic prescriptions at a low copay, and further pharmacy benefits are included after a separate deductible. These plans also include a Healthy Lifestyle cash incentive, which provides rewards for making positive choices for your health. Coverage includes emergency care, inpatient and outpatient hospital services, as well as limited chiropractic care.

Celtic Oklahoma CeltiCare Preferred Select Brochure


CelticSaver HSA

No carrier’s product portfolio would be complete without an HSA-qualified health plan, and this one offers several deductible and coinsurance options. Choose a lower deductible and your coinsurance is 80/20, and with higher deductible plans, you pay nothing extra for any covered service after it has been met. Prescriptions are included in the annual deductible, along with physician care, hospital services, diagnostic work, mental health care, and every service offered by the comprehensive plan. Pair your plan with a health savings account for tax-free payments on medical expenses.

Celtic Oklahoma CelticSaver HSA Brochure


For more information on Celtic health insurance plans, please contact an agent at 888 803 5917, or view your potential premiums for each of these plans along with the other companies in your area by getting a quote.