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Aetna has been selling various insurance products for the past 160 years, and is known for having the most accepting underwriting guidelines of any insurer. We favor them in many states for this reason, as many people with conditions who would be declined with another company may be able to get approved with Aetna. To complement their health plans, Aetna offers dental, life and disability insurance, as well as prescription and employee benefits. There are more than 18 million people presently insured through Aetna for medical coverage, who have access to over 1 million network providers throughout the nation. This includes over 587,000 physicians and over 5,400 hospitals.

The company is expanding, soon offering public health products as they purchased Coventry Health Care this year in order to tap into several state Medicaid and Medicare markets. Through acquisitions, staying current with health care and the best methods of delivering coverage, and growing a long-standing established business through the years, Aetna is a dependable choice for individual health insurance. In Oklahoma, those purchasing plans for themselves have the classic Open Access Managed Choice plan from Aetna, which provides PPO in-network discounts and copays, depending on the plan.



Aetna Individual Plans in Oklahoma

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Open Access Managed Choice

Though the plan is a fully operable PPO with out-of-network coverage and no need for referrals, OAMC plans also give members the ability to choose an in-network primary care provider and use their plan somewhat like an HMO. If you prefer a high deductible plan to lower your premiums, or a copayment system to minimize your medical costs, Open Access plans have a design and a deductible to meet your needs. Certain plans are also HSA-compatible for those who want to receive tax benefits and fund a medical savings account.

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Aetna Oklahoma OAMC High-Deductible 3500 Benefits

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Preventive & Hospital Care

This plan is coverage, simplified. With one deductible option and minimal coverage, you get the very basics of health care coverage. This includes preventive care for no cost at any time before reaching your deductible, and hospital services such as emergency room visits, surgery, inpatient stays, and several others, including chiropractic. Ideal for healthy people who are looking to save money, and possibly open a health savings account, this is a good option, though many necessary services will require a full out-of-pocket payment, such as physician care.

Aetna Oklahoma Preventive & Hospital Care 2750 Benefits


If you are interested in a plan from Aetna in Oklahoma, get a quote to compare the company’s plans and rates with other insurers in your area. Our agents are also well-versed about the company if you have any questions or prefer a quote over the phone at 888 803 5917.