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Tulsa Health Insurance

Tulsa is the second largest city in the state and has been noted as one of “America’s Most Livable Communities” for its appreciation of the arts, affordable cost of living, and job opportunities. With ten different outlets for higher education, Tulsa has the most colleges and universities of any city in the state. Tulsa’s location makes for consistently temperate weather, enabling use of the city’s well-kept parks system and the closely located Ozark Mountains. Several art museums hold regional and international art works, and the city also hosts a large arts and music festival each year. The residents of Tulsa have access to great education, culture, sports, and entertainment, and also the full range of health insurers offered in the state.

The health insurance market in Tulsa is very affordable, depending on who is applying, but in relation to the state, the city maintains Oklahoma’s overall average pricing. Plans are offered from Coventry, Aetna, Humana, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Celtic, and UnitedHealthOne, some of which are fairly competitive in cost, but for the most part there are only a few who truly stand out in what they offer for a low price. Good news for Tulsa: this makes it much easier to choose a health plan. Each of these carriers connects you to a PPO network for coverage, with a similar selection of plans. Choosing a plan should entail your best assessment of which one offers the coverage you need for the lowest price.



Sample Tulsa Health Insurance Quote

Tulsa offers many health plans to its residents, and to narrow down which one is the most comprehensive for the lowest premium, we ran a quote for a 28-year-old male living in zip code 74101. This applicant is in the fortunate demographic that gets the lower rates, and they can purchase a plan with great coverage and copays from as little as $96 per month with Coventry One, if they choose the generics-only plan. The next level up, for $2 more per month is a well-rounded plan with 20 percent coinsurance on many medical services, $35 copays for PCP visits, and $50 copays for specialists.

When running a quote in Tulsa you will find you have many, many Coventry One options with lower premiums than the other carriers, so it is best to look at the schedule of benefits to see the difference between each, because they are likely your best bet. The next most affordable health plan is Blue Cross Blue Shield of Oklahoma’s Health Check Basic, and though Basic would imply that perhaps not everything you need is covered, it has 80/20 coverage with the preferred network (less with different networks), and unlimited office visits for $118 per month.

UnitedHealthOne has a Copay Select 80 plan for slightly more than the BCBSOK plan, but Blue Cross has a better likelihood of providing what you need. United’s coverage is very straightforward, and gives members access to all services for the same 80 percent coverage after deductible with the exception of office visits and generics for a copay. Easy to deal with, large national network, ultimately not a terrible choice either. The price leader for PPOs in Tulsa is Coventry One, by far, with various options for customizing coverage between $90-120 for this resident.

Find out which plans offer the most affordable rates for you by getting a free health insurance quote or calling an agent at 888 803 5917.






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