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Lawton Health Insurance

Lawton is a city in the southwest of the state, near the Wichita Mountains, thus giving residents access to broad variety of nature-based activities. The wildlife refuge is a great destination for hiking, rock climbing, viewing indigenous species, and contains many other parks within. Lawton is the largest city in the area, hence providing the major cultural and commercial outlets for the region. The community has various events throughout the year, usually focused on holidays and charity events, such as the Spirit of Survival race. The city also has one university and several museums to provide education to its residents and Oklahomans nearby.

With nearly 97,000 residents, it is likely many Lawton residents have yet to take advantage of their city’s affordable private health plans. Coverage in Lawton is available through Blue Cross Blue Shield of Oklahoma, UnitedHealthOne, Coventry, Aetna, Celtic, and Humana. All of these companies provide PPOs, HSAs, high deductibles, and copay plans. Rates are typically very low for most residents of Lawton, with at least one insurer offering a full range of benefits for a low rate.



Sample Lawson Health Insurance Quote

When running a quote for a 30-year-old female resident of Lawson, we came across several plans of interest in the same range. In yet another Oklahoma city, Coventry One has the lowest premium for a comprehensive plan with first dollar benefits. This resident has access to coverage for $150 per month with copays for an unlimited number of doctor’s office visits, and even chiropractic care. Hospital charges are also for a copay plus coinsurance, which may make it more desirable to go with the across the board 80/20 hospital coverage in the Coventry plan for $172 – depending on preference.

Health Check Basic from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Oklahoma is also a great choice for reasonably priced coverage at $156 for this resident. The catch with this plan is that only the Preferred network offers 20 percent coverage after deductible, but they do have one of the largest networks in the state, so it shouldn’t be a problem. If you choose a provider from the Choice or Traditional networks, cost sharing is higher, so you would just have to make sure you carefully select your providers. The plan still offers unlimited office visits for a copay, though pharmacy benefits are a bit lacking at 50 percent coinsurance.

Though Coventry and Blue Cross offer plans for lower with a higher number of options, you could always settle for the classic UnitedHealthOne copay plan, which is only a few dollars more. However, Coventry it seems offers the best array of coverage in every city in Oklahoma, with plenty of ways to adjust your benefits to get a lower premium.

Look up which insurers will offer the best prices for you and your family by running your own personal health insurance quote. Call one of our licensed Oklahoma agents at 888 803 5917 for a quote by phone.





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