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Enid Health Insurance

A city of nearly 50,000 residents, Enid has a wealth of historical sites and parks, and is a close-knit community holding multiple events throughout the year. Far enough away from any major city, as it is 67 miles from OKC, Enid is a miniature hub for the area. Museums and historic buildings reflect the city’s past, and bring culture and education to the region, including the Cherokee Strip Regional Heritage Center and the Railroad Museum. Enid hosts several events, such as the Tri-State Music Festival, and offers a handful of musical and theatrical performances throughout the year.

Enid is a great city for affordable health insurance coverage, and echoes the rest of the state similarly in terms of plan choices and pricing. All of the best health insurers in the state sell plans to Enid individuals and families, including Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Coventry, UnitedHealthcare, and Humana. While searching for a PPO or HSA plan from any of these insurers in your town, note the variety of coverage options and select a plan that has everything you deem necessary, as certain plans will omit some benefits, and be priced differently for others. For example, the premium may be lower for a plan from Coventry, though you only have access to generics in their “GO” plan. Conversely, this is an ideal way to save money if you don’t require brand names.



Sample Enid Health Insurance Quote

For a 40-year-old male resident of Enid, the options are slightly different than the other cities and demographics we have quoted in Oklahoma. This resident is also looking for the most comprehensive coverage, including multiple tiers of prescriptions. Therefore, the lowest priced health plan in Enid is $180 per month from UnitedHealthOne. Had they chosen a Coventry or Blue Cross plan with a few more coverage limitations, they could buy a plan from $156 per month. However, if United’s Copay Select 80 doesn’t appeal, several other insurers are within a few dollars of the same premium.

Aetna’s OAMC plan with a great network and coverage for everything is $183 per month, while the most similar plan from Coventry One is $2 more each month. Aetna’s out-of-pocket is $500 more than Coventry, and their copays are $10 more, which makes Coventry ultimately the better money saver for this applicant. Health Check Select from BCBSOK is also favorable, though for $194 per month, this Enid resident has a few less expensive options. From here, it looks like this resident should choose Coventry One, should they want their deductible met and services paid for sooner. Aetna is also a great choice for their network and quality coverage.






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