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Anthem Healthy Start / Healthy Families: 1-866-896-6625
TTY (Healthy Start / Healthy Families): 1-800-750-0750
TTY: 800-750-0750
Claims inquiries: 1-866-896-6625
Prior Authorization: 1-866-896-6580 / Fax: 1-800-754-4708
Hospital / Facility Admission Notification: 1-866-896-6580 / Fax: 1-800-754-4708
Care Management Referrals: 1-866-896-6580
WIC Program: 1-614-644-8006
Fraud and Abuse: 1-866-896-6625
Grievances and Appeals Fax: 1-866-387-2968
Office of Ohio Health Plans (OHP): 1-800-324-8680
TTY: 800-292-3572
LogistiCare (Transportation Reservations): 866-883-8659

Finding Care When You’re Uninsured

An estimated 13.7 percent of Ohio residents, which is more than 1.5 million people, do not have any form of health insurance. Though this figure has decreased significantly since the past year, there are always Ohioans in need of coverage. The population of underinsured residents is also prevalent. Not having sufficient or any health insurance coverage can be credited to the rising cost of health insurance, lack of access to care, or having a medical condition and not being accepted for coverage.

If you fall into one of these categories and have found yourself uninsured and in need of health care, there are several solutions. Various organizations throughout the state offer services including free or sliding scale clinics, community health centers, medications, supplies, preventative care classes and other networking information. One of these organizations is the Ohio Family Coverage Coalition.

Diabetic Resources

If you have diabetes and have no health insurance or limited coverage, there are a few ways to obtain insulin, medications, supplies, and other tools for diabetes self-management. Contact one of the organizations below, or call several pharmaceutical companies and ask if their offer any discount programs for your medications.

Disability Medical Assistance (through the Ohio Association of Free Clinics, your local Department of Public Health and ODJFS);

Central Ohio Diabetes Association

Ohio United Way

Prescription Assistance

If you need medication and cannot afford it due to lack of coverage, there are ways to get discounts and coverage without spending several hundred dollars per month on health insurance. Refer to the Columbus Public Health Department (614-645-6248) for a list of resources to help with prescription costs. Programs include Prescription Access, Prescription for Good Health, Ohio’s Best Rx, Rx for Ohio and Rx Outreach.

Consult your local health department to obtain a list of low cost prescription programs near you.

Association of Health Commissioners: 614-221-5994

By contacting your local health department or the Association of Health Commissioners, you can receive information on discount prescription programs, providers and services, and free or low cost health education, such as nutrition classes. Look for details on the association websites, or contact the Ohio United Way.

Finding Affordable Coverage

If you are unable to get health insurance through your employer or the individual market, there are other options such as Medicaid, Medicare, PCIP, and the Ohio High Risk Pool. The Universal Health Care Action Network of Ohio (UHCAN Ohio) provides information about all of the public and private health insurance options you may be able to utilize. You can find details on Medicaid and Medicare, and receive a brochure outlining various programs in Ohio.

Information about services for a variety of Ohioans, such as refugees, undocumented residents, non-citizens, veterans, children, and disabled persons, can also be found through UHCAN Ohio. You can also find out more about health departments located throughout Ohio, details regarding dental, vision and behavioral health services, subsidized care at local hospitals, community health centers, and free clinics.

OhioHealth Financial Assistance

Ohio Health, a Central Ohio nonprofit hospital network and family of healthcare organizations, offers charity care and financial assistance to underinsured or uninsured individuals with limited income and resources. Those who qualify are determined by their income and assets, so the priority goes to those who need the most help. In addition to Ohio Health coverage, it is also suggested that a patient apply for other assistance for which they may qualify to cover hospital fees, including Medicaid, Medicare, or private insurance, before being discharged.


OhioHealth Charity Care

OhioHealth customizes its policies to the specific location and individuals each location is serving. In Columbus, they offer an innovative system where all nonprofit hospitals offer the same level of quality care to all patients, even if they cannot afford to pay. Such a healthcare system permits OhioHealth to offer a great number of services through their charity care, and one of the most humanitarian healthcare programs in the state. OhioHealth’s charity care policy for its Columbus hospitals includes:

  • Charity care, free of charge, for individuals and families whose income is below 200 percent of the Federal Poverty Level.
  • Sliding scale fees offering significant discounts on medical care for individuals and families whose income is between 200 and 400 percent of the Federal Poverty Level.
  • A hardship policy for patients who would not otherwise qualify for charity care but have special circumstances.


To find out more about charity care, financial assistance through OhioHealth, or to speak with a financial counselor, contact one of the locations below.

  • Riverside Patient Financial Services at (614) 566-5059
  • Grant Patient Financial Services at (614) 566-9611
  • Doctors Patient Financial Services at (614) 544-2473
  • Grady Patient Financial Services at (877) 609-9492
  • Dublin Patient Financial Services at (614) 544-8330

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