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UnitedHealthOne is a UnitedHealthcare company, underwritten by Golden Rule Insurance Company. The UnitedHealth Group is one of the largest medical organizations in the United States, and has expanded into the international market, as well. UHC recently acquired an insurer in Brazil to spread their influence into South America. Domestically, the UnitedHealthcare network includes nearly 754,000 providers, and 5,400 hospitals in all 50 states. Golden Rule has specialized in selling family and personal health insurance plans for over 65 years, as well as dental, vision, critical illness, supplemental accident, term life, and short term on the private individual market. The company has been provided an “A” (Excellent) rating from A.M. Best, and “A+” (Strong) by Standard and Poor’s, two of the nation’s top evaluators of health insurance.

In Ohio, UnitedHealthOne plans are similar to every state where the offer coverage. They provide traditional PPOs with upfront benefits, or covered services for a fixed rate before meeting the deductible, as well as high deductible plans with lower premiums. When using the UnitedHealthcare PPO network, members have access to discounts of up to fifty percent on medical care. Add a supplemental benefit plan, like dental coverage, to your individual health plan to cover even more services and stay healthy.



UnitedHealthOne Plans in Ohio


Copay Select Plans

Copay Select plans give Ohio residents the most coverage possible from UnitedHealthOne. These plans are all-inclusive, with covered office visits and generic prescriptions for a copay. Based on the plan you choose, you receive unlimited PCP and specialist visits for $35, or a certain number of visits with a lower premium rate. After meeting the deductible, members pay 0, 20, or 30 percent coinsurance for in-network services such as hospital care, surgery, and emergency care. These plans tend to have a higher premium than others because of their enhanced access to coverage.


High Deductible Plans

For lower premiums and access to a large national network, United offers several high deductible plans. While you pay out of pocket for all of your services until the deductible is reached, preventive care is covered in full to keep you healthy. After deductible, your plan covers either 80 or 100 percent for a variety of services. Certain plans are more limiting, however, and do not include prescriptions or office visits. Make sure you get the benefits you need and review plans carefully before your final decision.


Health Savings Account Plans

These plans give members the same risk and benefits as a high deductible plan, though they are compatible with a tax-favored health savings account. HSAs are federally qualified to offer tax deductions and use of your funds tax free when receiving qualified medical services. These include anything that contributes to your deductible, such as in-network out of pocket payments for physician or hospital care. Prescriptions and all other care is covered at 100 or 70 percent after deductible.


UnitedHealthOne Ohio Brochure


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