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SummaCare is a regional Ohio provider serving 18 counties in the northeastern part of the state. With headquarters in Akron, SummaCare is one of the region’s sole provider-owned health insurers. Since their inception in the early 1990s, SummaCare has grown from a large, self-funded group insurer, to offer coverage to individuals and families, small and large businesses, and Medicare members. Though they are a regional health plan, their network includes 7,000 providers and 50 hospitals throughout the area. SummaCare also includes a national network to keep members protected when traveling.

As a part of the integrated delivery system, Summa Health System, SummaCare offers a total wellness approach to their services, programs, and network. Like other health plans we have discussed in Ohio, SummaCare is one of the high quality insurers who has earned recognition and accreditation from the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA. They hold a Commendable status for their HMO, POS, and PPO plans, and were rated Excellent for their Medicare plans.

There are two different health insurance plan types available from SummaCare for individuals and families, both of which are PPOs. Each plan includes free in-network preventive care, prescription coverage, and access to online health and wellness resources. You can also choose to add a supplemental maternity benefit for an affordable cost. SummaCare does a great job at considering the health and financial needs of their members, and therefore offer some of the most cost effective plans in Akron and surrounding areas.




SummaCare Individual Plans

SummaCare Individual Brochure

Standard PPO Plans

Use any provider you like, whether they are in the SummaCare network or not. Deductibles are offered in a wide range to fit your needs. Each plan includes an unlimited number of office visits for a $25 copay, as well as free preventive care. After you reach your annual deductible, you pay 30 percent coinsurance for hospital and emergency services. Prescriptions are covered by SummaCare Drug Riders, which either offer generics only for a low cost, or a $250 deductible for brand names.

IS PPO Plan 500A
IS PPO Plan 1500A
IS PPO Plan 2500A
IS PPO Plan 5000A
IS PPO Plan 7500A
IS PPO Plan 10000A


Qualified High Deductible Plans

These plans give members a low premium and a high deductible, with the option of connecting your plan to a health savings account. Depending on the plan you choose, you receive 100 or 80 percent coverage after deductible on all covered services, from physicians to inpatient care. Also included in the deductible are prescription drugs, emergency room visits, surgery, and outpatient services. The funds from your HSA are tax free to spend on medical care, and your account is a qualified income tax deduction.

IS PPO Plan Q1501-80A
IS PPO Plan Q1501A
IS PPO Plan Q2501-80A
IS PPO Plan Q2501A
IS PPO Plan Q5001A


Compare SummaCare premium rates and plans with others in your area with a free, instant health insurance quote. To speak directly with a knowledgeable agent, call us at 888 803 5917.