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Medical Mutual of Ohio

Medical Mutual is, as the name implies, a mutual insurance company who has been in business for over 75 years. As a mutual company, they are not publicly traded, and instead focus more on providing better services to members. Headquartered in Ohio, they have a presence in the state that outlasts every other insurer currently selling coverage. Medical Mutual has since expanded its territory by offering private individual and group plans in Georgia, South Carolina, and Indiana. Available throughout the state of Ohio, Medical Mutual plans are often very well priced among most demographics, and provide a significant amount of coverage considering the low cost.

Accredited by the NCQA with a Commendable status for their PPO, HMO and POS plans, Medical Mutual has met a rigorous set of standards for health care and coverage. The NCQA also awarded them with NCQA Wellness & Health Promotion with Performance Reporting, and indicator of how well the company strives to improve the quality of its services. Individuals and families in Ohio have access to three different types of plans for medical insurance, as well as add-on benefits such as dental, vision, maternity, and life insurance.


Medical Mutual of Ohio


Medical Mutual Individual Plans in Ohio


Elite Copay Plans

The quintessential plan for saving money at the doctor’s office or when buying prescriptions, these plans give members access to the highest level of benefits. Broad coverage is offered on a large number of medical services, such as emergency care, prevention, and unlimited physician, specialist, and urgent care visits for a copay. Offering 80 percent coverage after deductible, Elite Copay plans are comprehensive and traditional, which means you get the most out of your plan. Members have access to the SuperMed Plus PPO Network.


Wellness HSA Plans

With the opportunity to use a tax-advantaged health savings account to pay for medical care, members are covered by the SuperMed Network and also have coverage on non-network care. These are high deductible plans, which offer 100 percent coverage when you reach the annual amount, which ranges from $2,500 to $6,000. Until then, you can receive recommended preventive services at no cost, and pay out of pocket (with your HSA, if you choose) for all other types of care from pharmacy to hospitalization.


Value Plus Plans

These plans merge the great properties of a copay plan with the affordability of a high deductible. Value Plus Plans cover your first two office visits at 100 percent (no copay), preventive care, prescriptions with no extra deductible, and many other services for 70 percent after deductible. Office visits can be with a physician, specialist, or at an urgent care facility. Premiums are considerably lower than copay plans, but still higher than HSA plans due to the upfront benefits. Like the other plans, your network will be the SuperMed PPO.


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