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Kaiser Permanente – Ohio

At the forefront of managed care, Kaiser Permanente was founded in 1945 after having spent many years providing health care and coverage to workers during the Great Depression and World War II. Once the nation’s economy got back on its feet, Kaiser was a major source of health insurance and is credited with beginning the HMO. Kaiser Permanente was incredibly influential in regards to prepaid health plans, physician group practices, and placing emphasis on preventive care. They were also the first to generate an integrated system of medical care. The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation remains the top nonprofit organization in health care, health reform, and insurance information, always centered in getting people the care they need. KFF has a massive center for Medicaid studies, as well as all other types of coverage.

The Kaiser Permanente health plan serves 8.7 million members nationally, making it the largest nonprofit insurer, though only available in nine states and the District of Columbia. They have both private group and individual members, as well as a multitude of members on government plans. Cleveland and Akron, Ohio individuals and families have the benefit of Kaiser Permanente HMO plans.

Kaiser Permanente has announced they are currently working on their 2013 plans and will soon release rates and plan details. Once they complete their plans, we will provide you with descriptions, brochures, benefit summaries, and quotes for Kaiser plans in Ohio.