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Humana – Ohio

Humana One offers their standard selection of plans to individuals and families in Ohio and 29 other states. Humana Inc., their parent company, has been selling individual health insurance for over 30 years and provides a large network in all 50 states. Their provider network includes 544,000 healthcare professionals of all sorts, 4,000 hospitals, and nearly 60,000 pharmacies. Though their plans are typically nothing to write home about and the same in every state, Humana One plans still cover a number of essential services, and if they are priced well in your demographic there is no reason to not consider them.

Ohio residents have the option of copay plans, high deductibles, and HSA plans to meet their needs. Members are connected to the Preferred Provider network and can visit any in- or out-of-network doctor or facility. There are also wellness programs available to PPO members, providing discounts on health-based services and purchases. HumanaVitality is a great rewards program to give Humana members that extra boost of encouragement to stay fit and healthy. Individual health plans can also be complemented with dental and accident benefits.


Humana One Plans in Ohio


Copay Plans

Offering the most comprehensive coverage, these plans are perfect for those who want low cost protection against a variety of healthcare needs. Including unlimited office visits or a few office visits covered upfront, copay plans provide a flat rate for physicians, specialists, urgent care, and generic prescriptions. After deductible your plans will cover major medical at your chosen level of coinsurance. Select the cost sharing and copay options that fit you best.

Humana Ohio Portrait Share 80 Plus Rx Unlimited Benefits

Humana Ohio Autograph Share 80 Plus Rx Benefits


100% After Deductible Plans

With low monthly premiums, high deductible and HSA plans from Humana offer a more affordable rate with higher risk. You pay all your healthcare expenses out of pocket before meeting the deductible, and afterwards your plan covered everything in full. This includes doctor’s office visits, prescriptions (not all plans), and hospital care. Connect your plan with a tax-advantaged health savings account, or benefit from the low cost of your coverage.

Humana Ohio Monogram Benefits

Humana Ohio Autograph Total Plus Rx/HSA Benefits

Humana Ohio Autograph Total HSA Benefits


View rates in your areas from Humana One and other companies by getting a free, quick health insurance quote, or call a licensed agent for more details at 888 803 5917.