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Operating mostly in Pennsylvania and six counties in eastern Ohio, HealthAmerica is a Coventry Health Care company offering plans to individuals and families, employer groups, and government health plan members. Coventry aims to provide a simple, user-friendly product, which allows policyholders to get the most out of their plan. HealthAmericaOne is the individual and family health insurance product from Coventry in Ohio, and offers coverage in Belmont, Columbiana, Harrison, Jefferson, Mahoning, and Trumbull counties.

The national Coventry network includes over 580,000 providers, 4,700 hospitals, and 64,000 retail pharmacies across the country. They have been in business since 1986, selling health plans in various markets nationally, and proving their success as a publicly traded health insurer. Since becoming public in 1991, Coventry acquired a new regional health plan each year to expand their national coverage and get a better grasp on state and local markets. Coventry’s individual plans, including Coventry One and HealthAmerica, are offered in 25 states, while their group and other products are available everywhere in the U.S.

Coventry was purchased by Aetna in 2012, and in 2013 all Coventry and HealthAmerica members will be insured by Aetna.


HealthAmerica Ohio


HealthAmericaOne Plans in Ohio


Copay Plans

HealthAmericaOne’s most comprehensive plans, Copay plans in Ohio even come with the rare zero deductible option. Providing the most coverage upfront, members have excellent protection from high medical bills with copays on unlimited office visits, prescriptions, emergency care, and other services you just won’t find with another carrier’s traditional PPO. Copay plans also cover maternity benefits.

HealthAmerica Ohio Copay 100% $0 $20 $40

HealthAmerica Ohio Copay 100% $0 $25 $50

HealthAmerica Ohio Copay 100% $1200

HealthAmerica Ohio Copay 90% $2000

HealthAmerica Ohio Copay 80% $500


Choice 1 Plans

Combining affordability and a variety of options, these plans include coverage for office visits and prescriptions, but with a lower monthly premium than Copay plans. Choice 1 plans offer members the ability to select their own preference of costs and coverage to fit their budget. These plans, like Copay plans, also cover maternity services.

HealthAmerica Ohio Choice1 $1250

HealthAmerica Ohio Choice1 $2000

HealthAmerica Ohio Choice1 $4000



QHDHP plans provide either 90 or 100 percent coverage after deductible, and a low premium in exchange for initial out of pocket payment for medical costs. Connect your plan to an HSA for tax benefits, or just enjoy a lower monthly rate. These plans cover an array of services for discounted rates in-network and also provide free preventive care throughout your plan year.

HealthAmerica Ohio QHDHP 100% $1250

HealthAmerica Ohio QHDHP 100% $2500

HealthAmerica Ohio QHDHP 100% $3750

HealthAmerica Ohio QHDHP 90% $1500

HealthAmerica Ohio QHDHP 90% $3000


Rewards Plans

A non-HSA-compatible high deductible plan, these plans provide the lowest premiums balanced, of course, by the highest amount of out of pocket costs. For those who want coverage on several services, access to preventive care and a great network, and the use of online wellness activities, these plans help members stay healthy.

HealthAmerica Ohio Rewards $1750

HealthAmerica Ohio Rewards $2500

HealthAmerica Ohio Rewards $5000


Interested in HealthAmericaOne? Find out how their rates look for you and your family with a free health insurance quote, or a personal consultation with an agent at 888 803 5917.