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Ohio has a variety of health insurance companies, national and regional, which provide individuals and families with coverage. One of our favorite carriers, Kaiser Permanente, serves Ohio with HMO plans, while other companies have great deals on PPO coverage. You can choose a regional or national network based on the quality of the company and how well they price in your demographic after perusing the company bios listed in this section.

Ohioans are fortunate to have such an array of options, and you are invited to compare rates and find out which plans operate in your city by getting an instant health insurance quote. Call our Ohio health insurance experts at 888 803 5917 for a one-on-one consultation, if you prefer.


Health Insurance in Ohio


Aetna has made itself known as an indestructible force in health insurance, and is one of the country’s oldest insurers. Having recently purchased Coventry Health Care, Aetna’s current membership of over 30 million will likely double in the near future. Their network is quite ample and consists of over 587,000 providers and 5,400 hospitals, many of which are located in Ohio. Also known for their lax underwriting, they are a great choice in many cases.


Headquartered in Indianapolis, IN, and established in the 1940s, Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Ohio is one of the largest and oldest Midwestern health insurers. With access to the Blue Cross Blue Shield national network, which is the most expansive in the country, members have their choice of thousands of providers locally and nationally.



Health America Ohio

A Coventry Health Care company, Health America is part of the Coventry family and offers the same great products to individuals in Ohio. Coventry serves a variety of members, from public health insurance to employer-sponsored, and has recently been purchased by Aetna due to their success in all lines of business, especially government-based. Health America will keep providing individual and family plans into 2013.





Humana One offers individual and family coverage through a basic set of plans. Their network is fairly sizable due to their presence in all fifty states, with more than 350,000 health care professionals, 4,000 hospitals, and 50,000 pharmacies. Though their plans are nothing spectacular, they certainly accomplish what they need to, and are worth a look if their plans are priced well.


Kaiser Permanente of Ohio

One of founders of managed care as we know it today, Kaiser Permanente continues to provide top notch HMO and PPO products in various states for individual and group markets. Connected to the Kaiser Family Foundation, one of the largest nonprofit healthcare and research organizations in the U.S., Kaiser Permanente health plans are continually ranked highly by plan members and industry sources alike.


Medical Mutual of Ohio

Medical Mutual is a regional Ohio mutual insurer based out of Cleveland. They offer health and life insurance plans for individuals and businesses of all sizes in various states. The oldest insurance company in the state, Medical Mutual was established in 1934, and provides statewide coverage to individuals and families in need of health insurance. With 3.9 million members, they are a respected and trusted source.


SummaCare Inc. of Ohio

Based in Akron, SummaCare Inc. of Ohio operates in 18 counties throughout northeastern Ohio. With more than 6,000 medical providers and 50 hospitals in the area, they have a reliable network and offer national coverage through affiliate networks when members need out-of-state care. SummaCare offers employer group, Medicare, and individual and family coverage to Ohio residents in its coverage area.



Often referred to as interchangeable with Humana One throughout our site, UnitedHealthOne offers a larger national network, and basically the same set of plans as Humana. Part of UnitedHealthcare, Golden Rule underwrites UnitedHealthOne plans, and has been a provider of individual health insurance since 1943. Golden Rule is consistently rated well by A.M. Best and other industry sources.