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Toledo Health Insurance

Toledo is the fourth-largest city in the state, settled on the waterfront of Lake Erie. As a place of higher education and thriving industry, Toledo has many attractions befitting to a mid-sized city and large university campus. Residents of Toledo have various world-class museums and cultural staples for those who enjoy the formal definition of culture, such as the Toledo Symphony and the Center of Science and Industry. Several professional sports teams also call Toledo home, though most sports fans can get their fix within an hour’s commute to Detroit. Catering to a different audience, Toledo’s downtown area offers even more great opportunities for music and the arts. For an outdoor experience, Toledo residents have access to over 100 parks in and around the city.

When searching for a personal health insurance plan in Toledo, there are several viable options from UnitedHealthcare, Medical Mutual, Humana, Aetna, IHC, and Anthem, and AARP, if you are 50 or older. Like much of Ohio, coverage is fairly affordable and you can get a health plan with great benefits for low-to-average rates. Columbus plans are less expensive, and Cleveland plans are higher priced than Toledo. For instance, as a 30-year-old male resident, your cheapest comprehensive plan costs about $127 per month from Anthem. Each of these plans is a PPO, which gives you the chance to use in-network providers for a lower price, or non-network doctors if you choose. Medical Mutual also offers some well-priced plans in various demographics.



Toledo Sample Health Insurance Quote

After running a quote for a 50-year-old male resident of Toledo, we find the best price for a comprehensive $2500 plan is Anthem’s Premier Plus for $255 per month. This plan offers the traditional PPO essentials of 80 percent coverage after deductible, and copays for unlimited office visits and generic drugs. Nothing extra like emergency care is covered at copay, but this plan is otherwise very good and about the same in terms of benefits as most of the others in this category.

For $20 more, UnitedHealthOne offers virtually the same plan, which would make more sense to go with Anthem. Aetna’s PPO 2500 is also very similar, with the exception of including a $350 copay for emergency room visits. Both UnitedHealthOne and Aetna’s plans have $500 deductibles to meet in order to get brand name pharmacy coverage. The Aetna plan is a great choice, however, because if you were to be less than healthy they would most likely accept you for coverage.

And although the AARP plans are great, they are underwritten by Aetna, who costs less in this case. AARP second only to Humana, who (except for Georgia, and maybe a few other states) tends to charge the highest premiums for anyone they please. This especially holds true for anyone who isn’t young and male.

Overall, it looks like Aetna and Anthem are the best plan options in this range for this applicant. He would receive a great set of benefits with either, and save the most money with Anthem.

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