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Dayton, Ohio is known for its historical significance in once being the home of the Wright Brothers, thus becoming an important center of aeronautical as well as astronautical and industrial engineering. Many research and development facilities are based in Dayton, in addition to insurance and health care supporting the diverse economy. To complement the amount of right brain activity in the city, Dayton residents can find balance in the thriving performing and visual arts available throughout the city. Gem City also offers great access to the outdoors, with numerous rivers, trails, and parks to enjoy any activity.

Dayton maintains the same Ohio health insurance affordability found throughout the state. The selection of carriers in Dayton is similar to its neighboring cities, with many options available through Aetna, Anthem, Celtic, IHC, Humana, United Healthcare, and regional carrier Medical Mutual. All of your plan choices are PPOs, which give you more broad provider options, and you can get coverage for a fairly low cost. For assistance choosing between plans or for more information of health insurance companies providing coverage, call us at 888 803 5917.



Sample Dayton Health Insurance Quote

To more clearly describe the health insurance market in Dayton as it currently stands, a sample quote was created for a 32-year-old female resident of the city. Honing down the number of health plans and options to a minimum, we selected only plans with unlimited doctor’s office visits, 20 percent coinsurance, and a deductible near $2500. In this quote, we can see the best options for this resident come from IHC Group and UnitedHealthOne in the $140-150 per month range.

This Dayton resident can choose between one or the other depending how much they want to pay for office visits. IHC has a somewhat steep $50, while United keeps it at $35. IHC’s upfront benefits include specialist, primary care, and urgent care visits for $50, as well as prescriptions. Going up in price, Medical Mutual and Anthem Blue Cross offer competitive plans for this resident, as the Premier Plus is a highly recommended plan with a wide variety of coverage.

Other plans are available for less, starting at $116 per month if this applicant was  looking for a great PPO at a lower price with a few less benefits from United or Anthem. And of course, we must stress that rates vary for each individual, as well as the specific needs and wants out of health plan. Below are our choices for this resident from each available insurer in Dayton within our mentioned criteria, though other plans are also suitable options.

For a quote specific to your needs, all you need is a few seconds, and relevant rates and affordable plans will list themselves on your screen instantly. Call us at 888 803 5917 to speak with a licensed agent about your Dayton plan options.





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