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Columbus Health Insurance

Columbus is the capital of Ohio, as well as its most dense city and metropolitan area. It serves as the cozy dwelling place of numerous corporate headquarters, including many a Fortune 500, from retail bigwigs to chemical manufacturers. The city also includes Ohio State University, one of the nation’s largest campuses, a vast number of private institutions, and libraries to meet all of their needs.

Columbus is filled with the culture that a major city of over 787,000 residents should have, from art museums to historical performance venues, as well as an abundance of professional and college sports. Retaining its Midwestern sense of community on the scale of a large city, events flourish year round in Columbus, and it seems a healthy, safe city to call home.

Health insurance in Columbus is down to earth when it comes to pricing. In other states, you can see that the swanky, overpriced city living has imposed its ego onto the private health insurance market, but not so in this case . Columbus has all the amenities of a more grandiose locale, while offering tons of health plans for prices relative to anywhere else in the Midwest.

Carriers include Aetna, Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield of Ohio, CareSource, Molina, Medical Mutual, Summacare, UnitedHealthcare, IHC Health Solutions, and Humana.




Sample Columbus Health Insurance Quote

For an in-depth view of these cost effective health insurance plans featured in Columbus, a sample quote was run for a 30-year-old single female, nonsmoker with $30,000 annual adjusted gross income. Adding the income information includes a tax credit to discount monthly premiums. As plans vary for age group and gender, as well as for health status and lifestyle choices, it is best to try your hand at running a personal health insurance quote, rather than relying on this specific example.

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