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Ohio is home to millions of residents, many of whom do not have insurance – about 2 million of which to be more specific.

As the state is the 7th most populous in the country, it has some very important cities and towns in its perimeter. Residents of Ohio’s metropolitan areas may or may not be aware that even in the largest cities, health insurance remains affordable. This mind-blowing fact is realized in our studies of up-to-date health insurance quotes for various cities throughout the state.


In these articles, a sample quote has been created for each Ohio city, with the formula for a health plan that provides our recommendations for an ideal health plan: a reasonable deductible to meet, low coinsurance, and unlimited doctor’s office visits or other benefits offered before the deductible. When you cogitate on these factors and think about what you might want out of a health plan, limited coverage and paying full price out-of-pocket does not necessarily sound enticing. This explains our choices for the most budget-friendly, yet sufficient plans in each featured city.

Overall, the state of Ohio is a great location for those who want to purchase a health plan, and still afford to do other things with their life, such as raising a family, or changing your scenery once in a while. Ohio health plans are offered by a combination of regional and national carriers, which vary based on your specific location. These include UnitedHealthOne, Humana, Aetna, Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield of Ohio, IHC Group, Celtic, Health America, and Medical Mutual.

Contact us if you would like more information about one of the cities listed or for a quote based on your area of residence at 888 234 9964.