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East Coast Health Insurance is the aiming to be the nation’s best online health insurance broker. We are not like other health insurance brokers, and will handle your policy ourselves – from shopping to claims and beyond. We never sell your information or give your so-called “lead information” to another party.

Additionally, East Coast Health Insurance is proud to pay our health brokers without any commissions or bonuses to encourage them to get you the best possible health insurance plan for your needs. They are armed with a list of every public health program in Ohio, and are charged with never selling and being able to name the best public program for your needs just as quickly as the best private plan. We believe that everyone is entitled to health coverage, from the poor to the incarcerated, and back that claim up. We receive commissions directly from the health insurance companies that you choose and never charge anyone a fee. Our premiums are the same as if you go direct to the carrier, and they are same as the local health insurance broker as well. The difference? Hopefully nothing! Hopefully, every health insurance broker shares our convictions and moral platitudes.

We are proud to offer health insurance in Ohio and even prouder to represent you for the entire period you have health insurance with us.