Ohio Individual Health Insurance Quotes

from East Coast Health Insurance

East Coast Health Insurance offers all major Ohio Health Insurance plans including Blue Cross Blue Shield of Ohio from Anthem, Aetna, Humana One, and United Health One. We offer instant Ohio Health Insurance Quotes, as well, where you can even apply for a plan all by yourself if you find one that fits you or your family’s needs.  Call us at 888 803 5917 for more information.

East Coast Health Insurance has moved into the Ohio health insurance market as part of our planned expansion into the national health insurance market.  Ohio health insurance for individuals and families is so much like the rest of the country and has yet to be changed into a mandatory coverage type state like New York.  With the passing of a strong health reform bill, we hope to be leaders in the health insurance marketplace so that we can continue to exert our influence in order to offer health insurance to everyone at prices they can afford.

Most importantly, East Coast Health Insurance believes that everyone has a right to health care no matter what anyone says.  Doctors must take an oath, and as health insurance companies are given the “right” to sell health insurance, in exchange for the right to profit off of public health. They must be willing and able to provide health coverage to anyone that asks and is willing to provide consideration.

Ohio Health Insurance


Ohio Health Insurance Companies

Ohio health insurance is currently dominated by the usual suspects, and Anthem provides the Blue Cross Blue Shield plans in Ohio as they do in many other states.  In Florida, where East Coast Health Insurance is based, we find that the best plans are usually state domiciled health plans and as such, the Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield of Ohio is usually one of the strongest and most reliable health insurance companies.  This is because they are fractured, and are owned and operated in each and every state, including Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Ohio.

Aetna also offers outstanding health insurance plans in the Ohio health insurance market.  Additionally, these health insurance plans from Aetna offer the most lax underwriting in the Ohio health insurance market, though they are not always the most affordable.

Humana One, however, wins the award in the Ohio health insurance market for the most expensive health insurance, and for what reason I have no idea. Their plans are very vanilla and not in anyway distinguished from the other more affordable health insurance plans.

I ran a sample Ohio health insurance quote for myself in the Columbus Health Insurance market. For my money, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Ohio offered by far the most health insurance coverage with the lowest out of pocket per year exposure.  I recommend you run your own Ohio health insurance quote to see your own results. Visit our Cities section for more sample quotes and reviews of companies in your area.

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