Kentucky Health Insurance Exchange


Kentucky Health Insurance Marketplace


Many uninsured residents of Kentucky can now remedy that problem by enrolling in the marketplace. This cost-effective addition to the individual and family insurance market gives subsidies to numerous residents so they can buy and keep their health plans.


The Kentucky Health Insurance Exchange is run by the state and provides a great solution for many people who have been unable to obtain coverage previously.


Carriers include:

  • Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield
  • Humana
  • Kentucky Health Cooperative


What is the Exchange?


If you don’t have health insurance and you qualify for tax credits, you can apply for coverage on the exchange and walk away paying a fraction of the cost.

Depending on your income, that fraction could be larger or smaller, but you still get a discount. It’s truly beneficial, especially if you have a lower income level.


Subsidies reduce your monthly premium (the cost of staying covered), and cost-sharing (the price of medical services approved by your plan) if you earn on the lower end of the subsidy-eligible pool.


Each of the new rules of the ACA apply to the policies sold on the exchange. The highlights for consumers are reduced premiums and even lower cost sharing. Many individuals qualify for lowered deductibles, copays and coinsurance to ensure they can afford their plan.


You can determine your eligibility for health insurance assistance in Kentucky by using the subsidy calculator below.


Why do I need coverage?


Medical coverage is a key focal point of the Affordable Care Act as it’s been historically expensive and difficult for many Americans to obtain. This law has reforms the healthcare system so that people can afford to get treated properly for any illness, or keep insurance on hand for emergencies and unexpected needs.

The ACA increases access to coverage, and makes it available to almost everyone. In Kentucky, most individuals without coverage should be able to get insured, and you won’t get turned down for having health problems or for most other reasons. Now that healthcare is easier to access, it’s also a requirement.


If you qualify for a subsidy to lower your monthly premiums, you can stay safe and smart for a lower price.



How do I know if the exchange is right for me?


If your employer doesn’t offer health benefits, you don’t qualify for Medicaid or Medicare, and you can’t afford a plan without a subsidy, the exchange is a great choice. If you’re eligible for a subsidy, you can receive substantial discounts that make it much easier to afford insurance from a reliable insurer.


Another reason the exchange is worthwhile is the inclusion of essential health benefits. According to the health law, carriers on the exchange must cover office visits, preventive care, and ten other categories of common health needs.


We can help you get covered, whether you need to maintain or restore your health. It may be cheaper than you think to get insured, and the alternative is a penalty tax.



Kentucky Subsidy Calculator


Use this tool to find out if you qualify for subsidized coverage on the Kentucky health insurance marketplace. You can view the carriers serving your area and your potential tax credit to help reduce your monthly premium.


Get enrolled or discuss your marketplace options with a licensed agent at 888.803.5917.


*The above disclaimer pertains to the creator of this comparison tool, not East Coast Health Insurance, a licensed broker of insurance products.