Arkansas Exchange


Arkansas’ Health Insurance Marketplace


Arkansas residents are served by three health insurers on the health insurance exchange established by the federal health law: Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arkansas, QualChoice, and Ambetter. The exchange is a partnership between the state and the federal government in Arkansas.


What is the Exchange?


The exchange is a private health insurance marketplace with discounts for those with low-to-moderate income. It’s not a government health plan, but the government does offer financial assistance for many residents with qualifying income.

You can find out if you’re eligible for a subsidy to reduce your monthly premiums (how much you have to pay to stay insured) and cost sharing (how much you pay for medical care approved by your plan) by using the subsidy calculator below.


Why do I need coverage?


Coverage is more important now than ever because it’s available to everyone — you won’t get turned down for having health problems or for any other reason. Now that healthcare is easier to access, it’s also a requirement.

Auto insurance didn’t used to be a legal requirement, either, but now most of us follow our state laws and drive with liability coverage. While mandatory health insurance has been controversial, it is a personal responsibility that makes sense.


It’s now more affordable to be responsible if you’re eligible for a tax credit to reduce your insurance premiums and cost sharing.


How do I know if the exchange is right for me?


If you don’t already have insurance through your job or a federal program, and you can’t afford to buy individual health insurance, the exchange may be your best bet. If you qualify for a tax credit, you can receive substantial discounts that make it much easier to afford insurance from a reliable insurer.


More upsides to the marketplace include the essential health benefits covered in each plan. Under federal law, insurers on the exchange must help you pay for services like prescriptions, office visits and maternity care.


We can help you find the plan you’re looking for, whether you’re healthy and want to stay that way, or you have specific medical concerns and need a plan to accommodate. Either way, having coverage is especially important so that you can evade the penalty for being uninsured.


Arkansas Subsidy Calculator


Use this tool to find out if you qualify for subsidized coverage on the Arkansas health insurance marketplace. You can view the carriers serving your area and your potential tax credit to help reduce your monthly premium.


If you want to speak with a health reform expert about your options or get enrolled, get a quote, or call us at 888.803.5917.


*The above disclaimer pertains to the creator of this comparison tool, not East Coast Health Insurance, a licensed broker of insurance products.