Alabama and ObamaCare


Alabamans have access to two health plans on the state health insurance exchange set up by the Affordable Care Act: Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama and Humana.


Health insurance plans created by the health reform law integrate a variety of new ideas into these policies to keep costs down while increasing quality. You may notice new doctors at affordable facilities in your area who have been able to get jobs due to residencies created by the law to increase access to primary care.


Additionally, your coverage will take care of the basics: including annual exams, immunizations, or even hospital stays. While you’re encouraged to find a primary care doctor you can feel comfortable going back to, many plans don’t require you to choose one as they are POSs or PPOs.


The best perk of the exchange is the financial assistance that millions of people currently qualify for. Subsidies provide an option for cost-effective coverage that many people couldn’t otherwise afford.


Alabama Subsidy Calculator


Use this tool to find out if you might be eligible for coverage on the health insurance marketplace in Alabama. You can view the carriers serving your area and your potential tax credit to help reduce your monthly premium.


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