Same-Sex Marriage is Legal, and a Qualifying Life Event

Same-Sex Marriage is a QLE

U.S. Supreme Court Approval of Same-Sex Marriage 

“No longer may this liberty be denied.”
– Justice Anthony M. Kennedy

 The Supreme Court announced on 06/26/2015 that the Constitution guarantees a right to same-sex marriage. This groundbreaking news means that same-sex couples don’t have to have to relocate or hire a lawyer in order to tie the knot anywhere in the U.S.


Congratulations, America, on an exciting victory for human rights and a long overdue decision!

In addition to providing a larger group of married couples access to tax breaks, it’s also worthwhile to highlight new access to health benefits. Whether you have the option of employer coverage, or you’re enrolled in an individual health plan, applying for a medical policy with your spouse is no longer restricted to male-female couples.


Opportunity to Use a Special Enrollment Period


As you may know, the Individual Health Insurance Market has an Open Enrollment Period when anyone is welcome to apply for coverage. The problem is that it only lasts a few months (November through January), and many Americans need a health plan at different times of year.


In order to accommodate consumers and provide access to low-cost health plans outside of Enrollment, Special Enrollment Periods are offered to those with major life changes throughout the year. One of the Qualifying Life Events commonly used to apply for health insurance is marriage.


And if marriage isn’t your preference, domestic partnership is also a qualifying event.


You can utilize a 60-day window from the date you officially registered with the courts for marriage or domestic partnership.


When you and your spouse or domestic partner are ready to apply for a Health Plan together, please feel free to call a Licensed Insurance Agent at 888.803.5917 or visit us online for a free quote.