Quotit Software for the Healthcare Marketplace

The technology platform used by East Coast Health Insurance for years, Quotit, was awarded a Federally Facilitated Exchanges Web Broker Entity (FFE WBE) Agreement with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), which means our brokerage can access the federal data hub and enroll people in coverage.

Additionally, our agents have been trained and certified to sell plans on the exchange, even where marketplaces are run by the state.


In the majority of states (27), the federal government runs the health insurance exchange, and 7 states have set up a partnership exchange with the government, which also means Quotit can assist with. Any of our licensed agents with access to Quotit and exchange certification can connect you with exchange coverage.


As the government was searching for the most efficient, effective ways to give consumers access to the exchange, it seemed sensible to use existing technology in addition to the government’s newly developed systems. Adding Quotit as an approved entity for online insurance sales simply broadens the reach of the exchanges and makes them more accessible to more Americans.


Senior vice president of Quotit Corporation Chad Hogan said the agreement between the CMS and Quotit will empower independent, licensed agents of all sizes to enroll people in federally-run exchange plans through FFE WBE-compliant technology.


While benefiting the agents who may have felt the Affordable Care Act jeopardized their jobs, web access to plans through Quotit makes exchange coverage easier to find and understand for consumers, which also makes it a win for the government.


“Indeed, Quotit’s range of licensed users includes community-based insurance professionals as well as three of the five Web Broker Entities announced publicly by CMS to assist consumers enrolling in the online marketplaces nationwide. We’re very excited to be a partner with CMS, the new online marketplaces, and our affiliated agents to help individuals and families find and enroll in coverage that meets their specific needs and satisfies the ACA individual mandate,” Hogan said.


“The underlying promise of our WBE-focused platform is millions of Americans will be able to utilize their trusted local agent to enroll in a Federally Facilitated Exchange in a secure environment.”

From mid 2011 to late 2013, the Quotit platform generated health insurance quotes for more than 13.5 million people nationwide through their network of local and national insurance agents, including East Coast Health Insurance. As many licensed agents do not have the resources to create their own technology that complies with federal criteria as a web-based entity, Quotit allows your local agent to stay in business and provide you with a larger variety of health insurance options through the exchange.


East Coast Health Insurance is proud to bring the exchanges right to your fingertips through our use of Quotit and our own experience agents. Call us for a quote or to find out more about your health plan choices at 888 803 5917, or find a plan online by utilizing our connection to the federally-approved Web Broker Entity, Quotit.


East Coast Health Insurance + Quotit = Apply for Exchanges and Tax Credits

Still not sure how to translate the language of Obamacare? In short:

  • Quotit, a technology platform for the health insurance industry, is approved by CMS, the government organization responsible for facilitating public health insurance programs, to provide web-based enrollment services for federally-run exchanges.
  • Licensed agents, including East Coast Health Insurance, with access to Quotit can help you apply for plans on the exchange.
  • As Quotit has access to the federal data hub, the database used to facilitate exchange plans and determine eligibility, our agents can find out if you qualify for tax credits instantly, and apply them to your policy upon enrollment.
  • The federal government allows you to speak with a knowledgeable independent agent about coverage on the exchange, and assist you with enrollment. Our agents can use Quotit to increase access to coverage through exchanges and get more people the coverage they need.


Where Can We Quote?

Quotit provides our agents with access to the data hub, and our agents are certified to sell coverage on various state and federal marketplaces. Call us for more details at 888 803 5917.