What is the Affordable Care Act?

The ACA is a federal law signed in 2010, often called Obamacare, that increases access to health insurance.


The law created:

  • Health insurance as a taxable requirement for most people
  • Marketplaces, an easy way to find and buy coverage
  • Assistance paying for health insurance with tax credits
  • Better access to Medicaid in certain states


Repeal & Replace: The GOP Answer to Obamacare

What will happen to the Affordable Care Act under the Trump Administration? Final Rules have been released.



Find out when and how the countless provisions of the Obamacare law have taken or will take effect.


The following provisions created by the ACA impact most Americans, and are now, or soon will be national laws.


Individual Mandate

Health insurance is a must-have for everyone, according to federal law.


Employer Mandate

Large companies must offer their full-time workers coverage starting in 2015.


Medicaid Expansion

States can choose to insure more people under Medicaid, the medical assistance program for the poor. You can also learn more about how the law impacts the Medicaid program.


Cost Sharing Limits

The law caps what you pay for medical care at a certain dollar amount.


Essential Health Benefits

Ten categories of care must be paid for by certain health plans on and off the exchange.



How Obamacare changes taxes to afford new, beneficial programs.


Quotit and Exchanges

The federal agencies running the health insurance marketplace partnered with the same group whose software we use to provide online quotes. Quotit is officially a Federally-Facilitated Exchange Web Broker Entity, meaning the company’s software can help agents enroll people in the exchanges.


The Obamacare Website: HealthCare.gov

Few sites have received such immediate publicity and criticism as HealthCare.gov, the federal portal where individuals can buy marketplace insurance plans in 36 states. Learn about the government site’s history and current status.


Supreme Court Ruling on the ACA

The Affordable Care Act was taken to the high court after the individual mandate and Medicaid expansion requirements were called unconstitutional by the law’s opponents.


Affordable Care Act Lawsuits

Cases against Obamacare didn’t end after the Supreme Court decided to keep the law in place. Many businesses, individuals and organizations continue to fight the ACA.


Obamacare Myths

Get your facts straight on the health reform law.


What is an 834?

834 EDI transmissions are an essential part of the federal health insurance portal, one that went awry in the site’s early days.


Medicare and Obamacare

While seniors don’t have to apply for coverage on the marketplace, the Medicare program was impacted by the health law.


Medical Underwriting and Health Reform

The PPACA essentially banished underwriting, making it harder for insurers to make money and easier for individuals to get coverage.