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Senior’s Health Insurance Information

The Seniors’ Health Insurance Information Program (SHIIP) answers questions and counsels Medicare beneficiaries and caregivers about Medicare, Medicare supplements, Medicare Advantage, Medicare prescription drug plans, long-term care insurance and other health insurance concerns. The counselors on our toll free line offers free and unbiased counseling on Medicare health care products. The North Carolina SMP Program provides assistance with Medicare/Medicaid billing errors, fraud and abuse.

The program was created in 1986 by the late North Carolina Insurance Commissioner Jim Long, and has become the link between senior citizens and information about their health insurance.

Since the program’s creation, SHIIP has become a role model for other states. SHIIP has received two national awards for “innovative” and “exemplary” service.

Call SHIIP: 1-800-443-9354 or (919) 807-6900

Do you know someone who is on Medicare and needs assistance in paying for their prescription drugs? Medicare beneficiaries may be eligible for the federal Extra Help low income subsidy program if he/she has limited income and resources. The Extra Help program can increase cost savings by paying for all or part of the monthly premiums, annual deductibles and provide lower prescription co-payments under a Medicare prescription drug plan. To qualify for Extra Help, the annual income must be limited to $16,245 for an individual ($21,855 for a married couple living together). Additionally, the total resources must be limited to $12,510 for an individual ($25,010 for a married couple living together). The resources do not include a primary residence or a vehicle. If you believe someone you know may qualify for the Extra Help program, please encourage them to apply on-line at www.socialsecurity.gov, or contact our office toll free at 800-443-9354 and we may assist them with completing the on-line application process or send them a paper application. Check the MIPPA Calendar of Events.