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Humana One – North Carolina

Humana One is the individual and family plan from Humana Inc., a national provider of top rated insurance products and services. Humana has been serving a broad cross section of members since 1980, offering coverage to employers, individuals, families, seniors, veterans, and many others over the years. With 5 million members nationwide, Humana is one of the largest companies for health insurance, and their network experiences continual growth. Currently, Humana contracts with 544,000 medical providers, 60,000 pharmacies, and more than 4,000 hospitals across the nation. They offer coverage in all 50 states, and individual health plans in 30 states.

Receiving much recognition for their efficiency and quality as a company, involvement in community-based health efforts, and effective products, Humana is always improving its services and striving to give members a better experience. In North Carolina, individuals and families have access to Humana One copay, high deductible, and health savings account plans with a variety of options. North Carolina is also one of the states with the advantage of HumanaVitality, a rewards program for achieving health goals with great discount on fitness center memberships and more.




Humana One Plans in North Carolina


Copay Plans

A simple, benefit-rich plan with freedom to see any provider you like, Copay plans give members the highest amount of coverage. Visit a primary care provider, urgent care facility, or specialist; and buy generic prescriptions before you meet your deductible for a copay. Receive 80 or 70 percent of your major medical services covered after deductible, including surgery, emergency care, and hospitalization. With a wide set of deductibles to choose from, you can choose a plan that fits your price range and provides just the right amount of coverage.

Humana North Carolina Portrait Share 80 Plus Rx Unlimited Benefits

Humana North Carolina Autograph Share 80 Plus Rx


100% After Deductible Plans

Three plans provide 100 percent coverage after your contract year deductible is reached, including the Monogram, Autograph Total Plus Rx/HSA, and Autograph Total HSA. All of these options give you a significantly lower premium than a copay plan, in exchange for your responsibility of out-of-pocket costs. Monogram plans provide catastrophic coverage without a health savings account, including a wide range of benefits such as office visits, hospital care, surgery, and prescriptions. HSA plans offer the option of pairing your health plan with a savings account to fund your medical expenses, while making a tax-deductible investment. Autograph Total Plus Rx/HSA plans offer the most benefits, including prescriptions.

Humana North Carolina Monogram Benefits

Humana North Carolina Autograph Total Plus Rx/HSA Benefits

Humana North Carolina Autograph Total HSA Benefits


Humana One plans are available throughout the state of North Carolina. View a quote of your potential premiums and compare plans in your area. To discuss your options with a health insurance agent, contact us by phone at 888 803 5917.