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Cigna – North Carolina

North Carolina is served by Cigna with various options for individual and family health insurance. Cigna insures people in 30 countries, and most every state with medical, dental, life, vision, and other products to keep the world healthy. Their provider network in North Carolina consists of 20,100 medical professionals, and over 130 hospitals to give members a great selection for in-network care. Cigna has recently received an award from the White House, the HHS, and the National Business Group on Health for improving quality while keeping costs to a minimum. Their efforts to bring equality into the realms of health care and coverage have also been commended.

Cigna holds the highest accreditation from NCQA, Excellent, for their commercial plans in North Carolina. This speaks to the rigorous standards the company goes through to create and improve upon its products, providers, and service. North Carolina residents have access to three different types of health plan from Cigna: copay plans, copay value plans, and HSA-compatible high deductible. All individual and family plan members can utilize the in-network discounts with Open Access providers, or travel outside of the network for the doctor or hospital of their preference.



Cigna Individual Plans in North Carolina


Open Access Plans

Cigna Open Access plans provide the most coverage possible. Offering copayments for an unlimited amount of physician or specialist visits, these plans also include prescriptions for a fixed rate before the deductible is met. By using in-network providers for low rates, members receive a number of services without worrying about what it will cost. Preventive care is free, and remaining services are covered at 80 or 100 percent by your plan after deductible. Choose from a wide range of deductibles to get the premium that fits your budget.

Cigna North Carolina Open Access Brochure


Open Access Value Plans

The same flexibility and provider choices for a lower premium is offered by Open Access Value plans. Of course, this comes with a few compromises, such as a limited number of office visits, 70/30 coinsurance, and higher out-of-pocket maximums. Plans are available in deductibles ranging from $1000 to $10,000, and include all the major medical benefits of the comprehensive plan at a larger portion of cost sharing. Prescriptions are also covered as soon as your plan begins, along with free preventive care with any network doctor.

Cigna North Carolina Open Access Value Brochure

Health Savings Plans

Control your medical costs and take responsibility for all expenses until your deductible is met with an HSA-qualified high deductible plan. Health Savings plans cover prescription medications, hospital care, emergency services, specialty care, and physician visits at 100 percent after deductible. These plans work with or without a tax-favored health savings account, which you can fund and use to pay for any covered service. Build a fund to deduct from your income taxes, or just pay a low monthly premium for solid coverage.

Cigna North Carolina Health Savings Plan Brochure


Considering a Cigna plan in North Carolina? Take a look at your potential premiums and all of your additional plan choices with a free online quote. To speak with a licensed health insurance professional about your options, call us at 888 803 5917.