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Aetna – North Carolina

Aetna is one of North Carolina’s top national insurers, serving millions of employees, individuals, families, and seniors, throughout the country. Established in 1850, Aetna has certainly had quite a bit of experience and evolution in the life and health insurance markets over the past 160+ years. They are consistently ranked among the best health plans in the nation, and in North Carolina, Aetna ranks fairly high (4th in the region) on the J.D. Power and Associates member satisfaction report, and receives a “Commendable” status accreditation from the NCQA for their private plans.

Offering a selection of individual and family plans through the Open Access Managed Choice network, members have the security of a quality HMO, with the flexibility of a PPO. These plans are available in a range of deductibles and plan designs to fit your needs. Choose a high deductible for a lower premium, a comprehensive plan with all the coverage you need, or a value plan for a mix of coverage for a low cost. Once you are an Aetna member in North Carolina, you also have access to wellness programs and discounts to reward healthy activities and lifestyle choices.



Aetna Individual Plans in North Carolina


Open Access Managed Choice

If you are looking for the most protection possible from your plan, Open Access Managed Choice plans offer copays for several services not subject to the deductible. At any time during your plan year, you can purchase generic drugs or see a primary care doctor or specialist for a predictable rate, and not worry about extra fees. After you have met the deductible, your plan covers 75 percent of your hospital and emergency care, therapies, and other services. A $500 prescription deductible applies to brand names.

Aetna North Carolina OAMC 2500 Benefits

Aetna North Carolina OAMC 3500 Benefits

Aetna North Carolina OAMC 5000 Benefits

Aetna North Carolina OAMC 7500 Benefits


Open Access Managed Choice High Deductible

Pair your plan with a Health Savings Account, or just experience the benefit of lower monthly premiums with a high deductible plan. As a member of an OAMC plan, you have access to Aetna’s North Carolina HMO network for care, and have the ability to choose a primary care doctor to help coordinate your care. Funding an HSA to pay for medical expenses help you control your costs and receive tax benefits simultaneously. Your plan covers all services at 90 percent after deductible.

Aetna North Carolina OAMC High Deductible 3500 Benefits

Aetna North Carolina OAMC High Deductible 5500 Benefits


Open Access Managed Choice Value

Pay less each month while receiving the perks of Aetna membership and access to a great HMO network with an OAMC Value plan. These plans cover a limited number of office visits for a copay, and include coverage for generic prescriptions only. Major medical care is also covered, leaving you responsible for either 20 or 40 percent coinsurance after deductible, depending on the service. For those who want coverage, are healthy, and on a budget, Value plans are a good solution.

Aetna North Carolina OAMC Value 3000 Benefits

Aetna North Carolina OAMC Value 5000 Benefits

Aetna North Carolina OAMC Value 10,000 Benefits


To find out more about Aetna plans in North Carolina, get a free health insurance quote and compare your options. Have a one-on-one consultation with one of our licensed agents at 888 803 5917.