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The North Carolina health insurance market is quite simplified due to the fact that there are only four health insurance companies worth selling in much of the state.   And for much of the North Carolina health insurance market, there is one company that usually offers the best premiums with the most coverage, and that is Blue Cross Blue Shield.

So why are you are on this page reading this fascinating information?  Most likely because you are researching the North Carolina health insurance companies, and your search has led you to our header page for our pages on the individual health insurance companies  available in North Carolina including our pages on Aetna, Humana, United, and Blue Cross.

So basically this is a filler page, and is used to jump through to the company page that you are researching.  The information that you will find on each of the company pages will include exclusions and limitations, plan design, and premium overviews.

However, if you are simply looking to compare rates for you and/or your family you will be best served by running your own individual North Carolina health insurance quote.