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The coastal Carolina city of Wilmington is home to more than 108,000 residents and draws even more visitors as a popular vacation spot. On the main land, a historic riverfront city appeals to year-round dwellers and tourists alike with various cultural events, local seafood restaurants, and several parks providing a lovely backdrop. The largest city in the metropolitan area with three nearby islands, Wilmington’s economy is contingent upon tourism, though the University of North Carolina Wilmington campus, research facilities, and other industries also employ the population. With historical sites, beach towns, great weather, and close proximity to the Research Triangle, Wilmington is a sought-after destination and place to reside.

In New Hanover County, individual health insurance is provided by four major carriers, narrowing down the selection for anyone purchasing their own plan. AARP also provides coverage in this state for older adults, making it a total of five plans in Wilmington. BlueCross BlueShield of North Carolina offers 34 plans, and the remaining three companies offer about the same amount, totaling nearly 70 plans altogether. For a less expensive demographic, younger, healthy adults, comprehensive plans start at $158 for a male resident, age 30. This is comparable to the rest of the state, and average-priced on a national level. Families and individuals in need of coverage have several reliable options, BlueCross BlueShield being the top choice for most residents, though other plans will prove sufficient, as well.

Wilmington, NC Health Insurance QuotesSample Wilmington Health Plan Quote

How can residents of the Wilmington metro area find a great set of benefits for a reasonable premium? Take this example of a 37-year-old female applicant living in zip code 28412, searching for a $2,500 plan with copays for office visits and prescriptions before the deductible.

Balancing a less high deductible with upfront benefits, premiums are higher than some plans, but they will provide more instantaneous coverage when you need it most. For this resident, the lowest premium comes from Aetna, at $262 per month. This plan includes 75 percent coverage after deductible, with $35 copay, unlimited primary care visits from the effective date. Specialist visits are also included for $65, and generic drugs are covered immediately, as well.

However, BlueCross Blue Shield offers a limited network option with their Blue Value C plan, which is $217 per month for a $2,500, 80/20 plan. If you don’t mind not having specialist visits covered and want a similar plan outline, this may be a good option for a reduced rate. BCBSNC also offers a plan with specialist visits covered and a limited network for $361 per month, and if you want a broader network the rates keep climbing.

UnitedHealthOne and Humana basically offer the same plans, and in this case Humana is the less costly plan. Each of these carriers offer generic drug coverage and $35 PCP visit copays, but for a higher monthly rate, UnitedHealthcare covers specialists at a lower copay than Humana. For those who don’t anticipate needing a specialist or can handle an extra $25 upon receiving care, rather than each month, Humana is still the plan to choose.

We recommend applying with several different carriers in order to ensure you get covered. Aetna is a great plan for females and those who have mild health problems, as they are much more accepting than others. However, another plan may be more affordable for your age, gender, or family size, so it is best to run your own quote to get accurate rates in Wilmington.





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