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Raleigh Health Insurance

Raleigh, North Carolina is a fairly large city  in North Carolina boasting over 300,000 residents.  And the good news is that medical costs are not that bad in Raleigh which means that health insurance is not as expensive in Raleigh as other parts of the state.

So which company offers the most health insurance in Raleigh for the least money?  Actually, I am proud to say that Coventry One is the winner!  A newer entrant to the North Carolina health insurance market,  Coventry One has amazing pricing and benefits.  I am a huge fan in fact and what I love most about the Coventry PPO plan is that it has an emergency room copay which means that you will not get hit with a $3,000 bill for a set of stitches from that bar fight the other night.

Coming in a close second in North Carolina (in fact they will most likely be number one for many people and demographics) is everyone’s favorite rate hiker, Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina.  Remember this, no matter how much bad press they get for this rate increase stuff, their rates are still lower than everyone else.

The winner for the most expensive plan in Raleigh goes to Aetna however but they are competitive in other areas such as single females with more then 2 children.  So please don’t dismiss them.   AARP is also offered by Aetna and they are very competitive if you have any kind of pre-existing condition or take medication regularly.

The last two companies are United Health One and Humana which I am keeping brief due to the fact that their benefits and pricing are simply ok, and are not likely to be the best plan choice for very many Raleigh health insurance shoppers.  That’s not to say that no one should buy them, but it is a pretty reliable rule that they will never be the most affordable or benefit rich plan.