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Greensboro Health Insurance

With a quarter of million North Carolina residents the Greensboro health insurance market is quite large and there is no shortage of affordable Greensboro health insurance plans to choose from.  So which one is right for you?  Get a Greensboro health insurance quote and see for yourself.

Oh wait your still here?  Not checking out your own quote, no problem, I will do the heavy lifting for you.  I ran some sample quotes using a 59 year old male in Greensboro to see which plan(s) to recommend.

First of all, like in much of North Carolina, I love Coventry One in North Carolina, they are amazingly affordable and have benefits that no other plan can boast.  Namely an emergency room copayment that has nothing to do with your deductible and coinsurance, and take it from someone that knows, an emergency room visit can cost thousands.  Coventry One is the most affordable plan in most demographics so all we have to do next is figure out which plan.

The 29a or 25a seem like the best decision, and if you ask me, I will advise the 29a because it is cheaper but has higher copay for office visits, prescriptions etc.  However th coinsurance, maximum out of pocket etc. are all the same.

Other than Coventry, Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina is a great choice as they have probably the second best pricing and in some cases the first depending on your age, zip code, and family make-up.  There are a ton of plans with them but the best ones are the Blue Advantage plans which are excellent.  If you like HSA’s they also have a great value with the Blue Options HSA.

The next companies that you would consider (mostly if you have pre-existing conditions) is Aetna and their AARP plans in North Carolina for anyone over 55.  They have simplified and lax underwriting and take not just healthy people.  I can’t speak highly enough of my opinion of Aetna.  Unfortunately they are not likely to be the most affordable plan.

Humana and United Health One also offer plans but they are simply average and cannot boast a number one ranking in any demographic in Greensboro.  Their benefits are simply average and they are not very kind when underwriting.  Still they might fit for some people.  Different strokes right?