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Fayetteville Health Insurance

A military-oriented city due to the presence of Fort Bragg, Fayetteville is also home to many beautiful natural areas, like much of North Carolina. The Cape Fear River Trail is one of a series of urban trails in the East Coast Greenway system, passing through the city. Another one of many attractions in Fayetteville is the Cape Fear Botanical Garden, in addition to a number of historical homes, monuments, and museums.

Fayetteville is located in the southeastern portion of the state, and the metro area is the largest in the region. Where there are large populations, this means there are still plenty of residents without health insurance, and this region is no exception. There are many plans available in Fayetteville, whether private, like the ones we sell, or public for those who cannot afford a monthly premium.

Health insurance in Fayetteville is similar to much of the state, with plans offered by the familiar faces of national health insurance, Aetna, Humana, Coventry, United, Cigna, and Celtic. POS and PPO plans are offered between these insurers, giving the option of in-network services or not, while still receiving coverage. For individuals and families, Fayetteville policies are in an average price range compared to the rest of the nation. As premiums can creep up over $200 for even the healthy youngins, it is always important to choose your plan in a careful, budget-conscious way.



Sample Fayetteville Health Insurance Quote

As discovered upon running a quote for a 32-year-old male resident of the city, this area can get steep for health insurance. Having just run quotes in Ohio, North Carolina is almost double the price in some cases, but we are going to help narrow down the selection to a plan under $200 per month. This resident, like the rest of us, wants to stay healthy and safe while keeping a significant amount of their paycheck for other expenses. In Fayetteville, the best plan for this goal is Aetna’s Managed Choice Open Access for $158 per month.

This plan is a total package of all the preventive, primary, specialist, and hospital coverage you could ever want in life, with prescriptions thrown in. Another comparable plan for this resident comes from Coventry One for $162 per month. For a few more dollars, your get to see the doctor for $15 a visit, and received all the same benefits as Aetna. These two plans give this particular applicant no need to look further, which may be the same for your demographic, as well.

Below is a look at the selection of the most affordable plans in Fayetteville from each insurer. By keeping in the same deductible and coinsurance range, as well as looking for unlimited office visits and prescription benefits, you can see these plans offer the most coverage for the lowest cost per month.

For a detailed rundown of these comprehensive Fayetteville plans customized to your details, get your own quote. If you have any questions or would prefer a voice over a computer, call us at 888 803 5917.





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