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Durham Health Insurance

East Coast Health Insurance offers Durham health insurance plans from Aetna, AARP, Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina, Humana One, United Health One, and the great Coventry.  Get a Durham Health Insurance quote now to see which plan from which company is the most affordable for you and your family.

To simplify your life however I ran a sample Durham health insurance quote for a 59 year old male to see the best plans in Durham.  Coventry One is probably half the price of most companies in North Carolina.  So the first thing you should do when shopping health insurance in Durham or North Carolina for that matter is look at the 25a and 29a plan from Coventry which are simply priced amazingly.

Ok if you are still here, than you didn’t like Coventry One or they didn’t accept you.  So you will next want to try Blue Cross which is almost as affordable as Coventry, though their underwriting is a little stricter.  If you don’t get accepted with either company, I must warn you the other companies in North Carolina are significantly more expensive.

Aetna and AARP are a great choice if you have an unusual family demographic or have a complex medical history.  An unusual demographic where Aetna and AARP excel would be like a 34 year old male or female with 3 kids.

United Health One and Humana One are very expensive and will not usually be the most benefit rich so you can pretty much ignore them unless you have something pretty strange going on and need to apply with every company.