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Charlotte Health Insurance

There are five or six great health insurance companies to choose from in Charlotte, including Aetna, AARP, Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina, Coventry, Humana One, and United Health Care.

Depending on your age or zip code of course any of these companies might come out to the most affordable for you, which is why I always suggest running your own Charlotte health insurance quote after reading my notes and sample quote option.

Charlotte Health Insurance Market and Sample Quote

So which is the most affordable health insurance company for you and your family?  Depending on what plan you decide on and which benefits you want it will most likely Blue Cross.

I ran a sample quote in Charlotte for a 59 year old male to see which plans were the most affordable and Coventry One actually came in the best even beating the AARP plan which was designed for people over 55.  However, if you take any medication you will most likely find that AARP will be the most kind when deciding on the final premium for you.  I used a $2500 deductible for the sake of comparison and made sure that all the plans included office visit and prescription coverage.

The award for the worst value in Charlotte went to United Health Care and Aetna which were both close to $600 for a similar plan to the Coventry and Blue Cross plans.  In fact they probably had less benefits!  Humana One was a close third but they are so blatantly average that they will most likely not be the most affordable plan for anyone in Charlotte which is quite an achievement in itself.

AARP came in at just over $500 and they are truly a great company for those over 55 but because Blue Cross and Coventry are so much cheaper you will most likely only choose AARP if you have a pre-existing medical condition.