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Health Insurance Quotes in Asheville NC

Asheville, North Carolina has been one of the most sought after cities for visiting and relocating due to its natural beauty, thriving arts scene, and access to healthy living. With myriad galleries, music venues (including the sidewalk), and funky local restaurants, downtown Asheville is brimming with culture. Nestled in the Blue Mountains, living anywhere in the city gives residents access to nature. Bohemian and Carolinian at once, Asheville has grown into the perfect atmosphere for lovers of the outdoors and the arts.

Pisgah National Forest is minutes from downtown, making it a hub for mountain bikers, hikers, and horseback riders on the numerous trails. Other nearby trails are easily accessible in short distance with more recreation opportunities, and the French Broad River is ideal for paddling or any water sport.

While natural remedies may be a preferred method of treatment among much of the Asheville population, there are still great doctors and hospitals in the city. If you break a bone, seeing one of Buncombe county’s quality providers is an excellent idea, in which case a health insurance policy will be of use. To get rates for yourself and your family in Asheville, enter your zip code below. Call us to speak with an agent if you have any questions at 888 803 5917.

Sample Asheville Health Insurance Quote

Asheville residents have access to five major health plans (four in our quote engine, but you can contact us directly about Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina coverage), and every individual has a different premium and set of options. A 30-year-old male living in Asheville can get a reliable comprehensive plan from Coventry for $158 per month, the most affordable in the $2,500 deductible range. This plan includes copays for specialists and primary care doctors, all tiers of prescriptions upfront, and a $250 ER visit.

For the same monthly premium, Aetna (future owner of Coventry sometime within the year) is a great plan, though copays for visits are a bit higher than Coventry, as is coinsurance at 25 percent. The Coventry plan is ultimately a better deal, as Aetna only includes generic drugs for a copay from the day your plan starts, and additional prescriptions are covered after a $500 deductible. Emergency room visits for Aetna MCOA members in Buncombe county are covered in full after a $350 copay.

If neither of these plans suits you, you can also look to Humana or UnitedHealthOne, which offer just about the same plan for similar rates. While Aetna and Coventry certainly suffice, these two offer decent coverage, though it may not be the cheapest. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina is the most widely accepted insurer in the region, with $2,500 plans starting at $203 per month for this resident. Keep in mind that all premiums vary, and get your own quote to find a full range of plans.


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